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As I saw an older and out of shape caucasian fellow jogging up the street very very slowly, I started to laugh and make a couple jokes to a few of my Blackberry Messenger (BBM) contacts, then I realized he was doing more to take care of himself than I was—at least for the time being. Aside from realizing I needed to find a new gym, I got to thinking about a fairly grown question:

At what age do people consider the way someone takes care of their health when considering a significant other?

I’m not talking about physical appearance alone. We all know people with that speedy metabolism or natural fit look that do little more than open refrigerator and fast food restaurant doors. I admit that I’m a hater of these types. This isn’t to say that I immediately head to Sloppyville when I don’t work out. I hide my lack of gym class heroism pretty well. And the sad part is that over my lifetime, there has only been one woman that has ever mentioned that she liked the fact I took care of my health. Granted, she was making this assumption based on a shirtless Facebook picture that was taken immediately after a set of push ups, curls, dips, and crunches…but still.

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To me, fitness and health are two of the tops things I notice about a woman. Yesterday’s post by SBM got me thinking about this in a bit more detail. Of course people were talking about their preferences and all the things that can be noticed within a few seconds. Fitness can be one those those things at well, but overall health falls into a different bucket. Of course there are those who look great with all their wholesome thickness as RCLS stated on Friday and I’m perfectly fine with that. But what about those who say things like:

“I mean…I look good. I been holdin it together all these years without working out, so why start now?”

Someone actually said that foolishness to me. Immediate softness below the waist for yours truly. Chances are if I were to take a look at her momma, I’d get a true indication of what she’d look like in 15-20 years and I don’t mean that disrespectfully. Fortunately/Unfortunately, I’m too lazy to go through all that research in advance.. I thought a lot about why I take this so serious as such a relatively fairly not OD young age. Perhaps it’s because of things I’ve experienced with regard to family members like high diabetes, high blood pressure, and deadly strokes. Maybe it’s because I’ve played a sport(s) my whole life. Maybe it’s because I’m scared I’ll sign a contract (pronounced marriage) only to find out that I didn’t read the balloon clause that releases her of all accountability for blowing up beyond my wildest nightmares.

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Regardless of my banter, I’m curious. At what point do you start to care about how the other person takes care of their health (eating habits, working out, etc.)? Do you even think about it? Do you do what you can at this point to take care of your health or are you just enjoying your youth?

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