Ladies and gentlemen its that time again! Ask the Staff where your wonderful questions are answered by our Staff! This week is a hilarious question from the peeps!

“What is something that a woman can do that will instantly turn you off?”

Dive on in staff! #TWSS


I remember this MBA I was dating.  She had gone straight through school and was working at a major bank.  She seemed smart … she had the credentials … I thought I had found someone who was the mashup of cool and smart.  The future Mrs. SBM?  That was all until one fateful night.  While laying in bed, during some argument about something, I commented about not running around like a ravenous dog.  She promptly countered with “that would be fine if I knew what ravenous meant”.  Not only did I go limp … but I actually didn’t even want the make up luvin thought about witholding after the argument.  So as bad, arrogant, and elitist as it sounds … I have an issue with educated women with bad vocab.


One major turnoff is a woman who doesn’t take care of herself. I take care of my body and constantly strive to be in good shape and in good health. I’m not saying shorty has to be a gym rat, but I feel like if you don’t care about your body or your appearance, you are probably careless about other aspects of your life that I would deem important. Let’s not even talk about having breathe that bicycle kicks you in the face like Liu Kang, or the BO of legends. I’m not gonna front like I’m always on point, no one is ALWAYS on point. However,  you should hold yourself up to a certain standard and when a woman does, she’s super sexy to me!

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The Honorable and Rather Articulate Award Winning RightCoastLexSteele, Demanding A Recount

Thanks to Biggie Smalls, just being able to hook a steak up doesn’t cut it anymore.  Bad head or worse, none at all is the easiest way to turn a man off.  I’m sure you’d like to think most men are mature enough to not care this much about something seemingly so trivial, but that’s simply not reality, so deal with it.  You don’t have to put on a p*rn star’s performance (although, that never hurts), but being down right bad at it is worth several demerits.  Don’t delude yourself into that “I do other things” lie you keep telling yourself.  No matter how good a cake tastes, most people like it with icing.  Even the people that can’t eat icing wish they could have icing.  Head is the icing on the cake.  I tried to think of a more mature, useful and insightful reason to share with you, but I decided to just be honest, because RightCoastLexSteele can never tell a lie.

Slim Jackson

Nothing gives me a case of the noodles more than a woman that’s consistently judging and criticizing others. When we’re walking up the street or sitting in the crib watching tv, I don’t wanna hear you pointing out every fault that you see. Because once you start doing that, I’m gonna start noticing yours and regress into a state of inoperable flaccidity. How do ya like dem apples?

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Dr. J

Low. Self. Confidence. I hate the most, and I mean the most when a woman second guesses herself. I think that a woman with confidence can tackle the world. When I meet a woman who can’t be comfortable in her own skin, it turns me off right away.  I’ve had the most banging women in the world tell me they are self-conscious about their bodies and I was like, “Well just put your clothes back on.”  In my opinion, be yourself always be yourself. Then be with me. #weezysnicker.  And at the same time, don’t be mad that you said some things or did some things you might regret later… let it ride baby.  Let’s see what the night brings us.