She know she bad!

This might shock you, but SBM almost cried at the end of Antoine Fisher is an opinionated individual .  I tend to have an opinion on everything, and am damn near willing to pull you with me over a cliff just to prove whatever point I am currently trying to make.

But … sometimes I kind of back track … just a little.

A long long time ago, I wrote about Low Maintenance Women.  I heralded her greatness, preached about how she makes the lives of men better, and screamed about how she was the model to which all others should conform.

Well … maybe I was a little hasty.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love low maintenance women.  Their ability to get ready quickly and enjoy themselves no matter the local is something I can truly appreciated.  But, (and I’m not sure why) I have come to realize that a well maintained woman isn’t a bad thing.  I have come to appreciate having a girlfriend (who fools herself into thinking she is a lot lower maintenance than she is) who took an extra 15 minutes to walk out the house impressive. Who does spend a little too much time getting dressed, but ultimately comes out looking well put together.

Yes … I have come to appreciate High Maintenance Tendencies (accompanied by a Low Maintenance mindset).

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In traditional SBM fashion, here are the top 3 reasons I’m f*ing with them fancy and high sadity broads right now

They look better than God intended them to do

It is often hard, but sometimes when you see these girls with hair did, nails did, dress on point, and rocking the f* me heels … you really need to look hard.  Just like Ashanti, they have found a way to take what God gave them … and make it better.  The man upstairs is always right … but I can’t help but love the extra eye candy that is afforded to me by the 6 who paid and primped her way to an 8.

They seem more interesting than they really are

You remember that deep conversation you had once with that gorgeous wannabe model, and you left thinking about how good beauty and brains went well together.  Then you got her on the phone, where you couldn’t get lost in her 2 hours immaculate makeup … and suddenly you realized she was as dumb as rocks.  Simply stated, words usually sound better coming out of pretty lips with lip gloss … so these high maintenance chics are running around making dumb sound good.

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Uh …

Ok … so apparently I’m not a 100% convert because that is all I can think of.  I mean, there are a lot of minuses and a pure high-maintenance chic would get on my last nerve and would have me performing overtly freaky acts as a mental punishment for the irritation I had to endure during the day going crazy.

So … for all of my lovely and great low maintenance women … I still love you.  But as I have matured and grown … I now want it all.  There is no reason you can’t rock the f* me heels to Outback Steakhouse.

– SBM aka I like em pretty aka I’m still gonna leave you home after 20 minutes of choosing an outfit.