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Damn girl. We used a 12 box in 1 night. Horny much?

Scenario 1

The previous night was filled with wine and warm loins. I had just rolled over to see where she was when I noticed the rising sun shining on her back like a orange-tinged spotlight.

Me: Why are you standing naked in the middle of the room with an iPhone in your hand?
Her: I’m texting my homegirl to let her know how great last night was.
Me: -_- Eh yo, I’m happy for you and I’m glad you finished (twice), but can you get back in bed please…
Her: Round 4?
Me: No.
Her: **sucks teeth**
Me: Zzzzz

Scenario 2

I had just arrived at her apartment in the Bronx. It had been a long week and I was just looking for female company. Sometimes I just want to be in the presence of a woman. Nothing more, nothing less. After we actually watched a movie, played a board game, and cuddled, I fell asleep. I probably would have slept through the night had it not been for the following:

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Me: You alright? I feel your booty moving around a bit down there.
Her: I’m fine. Just a little bothered. **She turns and faces me.**
Me: What happened?
Her: You haven’t tried to touch me.

At this point, I knew things were about to go left quickly.

Me: Oh. My bad. I thought we were just chillin’ tonight. Pretty sure I mentioned earlier today that I was just looking for some company. Also told you I wasn’t trying to take it there. Don’t want to make things awkward between us.
Her: So you really just came over to chill?
Me: Yeah…you okay with that?
Her: **Sucks teeth then gets up off the couch and sashays away in her rolled up sweat pants** Yeah, I’ll be fine. Wish I knew this earlier. So much for the sex panties.
Me: Zzzz.

There are a few things to take away from the scenarios above. The first thing is that sometimes I feel like a nut, and sometimes I don’t. The 2nd is that I love sleep. And third, women love sex…perhaps more than men. Yeah, I said it. This isn’t even a ground-breaking revelation to some of you. I know you’re probably sitting there like “Duh”,  but let me elaborate.

There’s a lot of chit chatterage about how men are only out there looking for s*x and that we spend more time thinking with the head below than above. For a good number of us, this is true. Sh*t, I enjoy morning, afternoon, and/or evening delight just as much as the next person, but it isn’t the only thing I think about or talk about with my boys. For example, I can’t really imagine walking up to one of the fellas on the casual like “Yo dog. You got any p*ssy lately?” The only acceptable reason for doing such would be that he was recently released from prison, dated a nun, or left the priesthood.

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Sure, the topic of s*x comes up when chatting with the fellas. In the process of debriefing about the weekend’s events, I may find out that Orpheus went over to Juanita’s crib or that my boy Alex has a stalker because he possesses west coast talent. But honestly, the story usually stops there. And we don’t feel pressed to tell one another about the escapade unless something unique happened…like a threesome. The elusive threesome changes everything.

One of the great things about the internet is that it puts people in a comfort zone. They can share truths—as well as lies—about their lives that they wouldn’t be able to share otherwise. They can also engage in unfiltered talk on topics that would quickly get them judged in the real world. Not that it always matters what others think, but sometimes it matters what others think. Anyways, I’ve noticed how quick a lot of women are online to bash men that didn’t cut it bed or praise cucumber wonders. I’ve noticed the speed at which women chime in or share links and tweets when it comes to doing the south side slippery or other raunch. Even in casual conversations with lady friends away from the 0’s and 1’s of the matrix, s*x talk flows freely about any and everything. Yes. I participate in many of these conversations, but I’m usually not the person bringing it up unless I drank 1.5 Four Lokos. And as I continue to be around women, I become more and more convinced that women are more obsessed with s*x than men. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, but the fairer sex just needs to admit it and stop acting like men are the only ones thinking with something beneath the belt.

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What do you really think though? Am I full of hot booboogas on this one? Are men still more obsessed with s*x than women? Is this just the natural progression of things as we get older? If not, what’s caused this shift? Other thoughts?

Get your hand off that,