Why would I actually write it all down and send it? Emo!!!

[Name redacted],

Why did you install silent logger on my laptop?  Did you not think I would find that?  That’s real foul.  I shouldn’t even respond to you because you are freaking ridiculous.  And why the hell did you call my ex and ask her if I was still talking to her?  WE ARE NOT TOGETHER!  This is why I can’t be with you because you do crazy things like this.  Do you even think before you do some crazy crap like that?

I find it funny that you come at me for having female friends, but you’re still friends with your ex.  Like and all my boys told me that you told them you was in love with me.  First of all, why do my dudes know that?  Side note, you are still f*cking your ex and you want me to wife you down?  Don’t even lie.  At first I was like, nah be cool because you know that you’re cool with one of your exes.  Then I realized, several things in fact:

–        She’s not my immediate ex, I dated her years ago.  You just broke up with dude and insist on convincing me that you are just friends because he doesn’t have any friends.

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–        Your ex is single. My ex has a man … that she lives with.

–        I do not hang out with her when there are no other people there.  You hang out with your ex and say it’s because you have mutual friends.  However, your hanging out consists of; going to a club, him getting a table, standing next to you, like you’re still his chick, or going to the movies or bowling.

Do you know how uncomfortable it is to tell someone that you’re dating a chick who has a man?  But yet, you don’t trust me.  Wait, you said it was okay for me to talk to other chicks.  Wait, we not even together, remember that?  You’re not trying to be in a relationship because you just broke up with your ex.  This is exactly what I was talking about when I said, you can’t have everything you want.  You don’t want a relationship, but you don’t want me talking to other women.  You don’t know what you want.  You want everybody to play into your little plan.  It’s selfish and it’s not fair to the people that you say you care about.

After the Drake concert you said you loved me, and for a second there I felt bad because I didn’t say it back.  But you say, you love me, but you don’t want to be in a relationship.  I think that a relationship is the only way to keep you from doing dumb ish that makes no sense.  But yet, you are “concerned” about my female friends.  And then you ask me a ridiculous question like did I sleep with my best friend?  Why would I sleep with my BEST FRIEND?  Does that make sense?  Did you sleep with your best friend?  I know who you did sleep with though, you’re ex and that other dude you chill with all the time.  Tried to explain the situation to me like it was cool, you used to sleep together but it was only a friends with benefits situation.  Point of information, you do not have a man right now, so why wouldn’t you be sleeping with him?  I’m supposed to take your word for it.

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And I’m only writing this email because every time I try and talk to you face to face, you start screaming or cut me off.  So I’m writing an email so you will sit down and read it.  I’m not trying to be all emo or nothing, do not take it that way.  And I’m not saying I don’t want to be with you, I’m just saying some things have to change, or I’m bouncing.  When you get this, please reply and let me know you read it.