An act of shameless self-promotion. I love this picture though.

[phone rings] 
Jameson: Hey, what’s up? [upset that she’s calling because he’s chatting on his computer.]
Mary: What are you up to? I wanted to ask you a question.
Jameson: What’s the question?
Mary: Oh ok, well, I think we should stop hanging out. This is clearly not going anywhere, I feel like I’m wasting my time.
Jameson: You know what?  OK.  If that’s how you feel, I’m not going to argue with you.
Mary: Well, what do you think about it?
Jameson: It doesn’t matter, it’s cool.
Mary: But I want to know.
Jameson: Then why did you tell me you wanted to stop hanging out if you didn’t?
Mary: Because I feel like it’s not going anywhere!
Jameson: OK then, end of conversation. 

[Jameson pulls up his blog and writes the following entry.]
It’s funny that women think that you’re going to fight to stay with them, when you’re like, well why am I going to fight for you?  Seriously, if you’d shown me that you were worth fighting for we wouldn’t be having this conversation.  The fact that you hit me up and start barking on me, lets me know even further that you’re not worth fighting for.  On the other hand, I’m not going to have any type of real conversation with some chick I was just beating.  That’s the funny part, women have no evidence that a man is treating them like a wifey, but they convince themselves that they wouldn’t sleep with a dude if it wasn’t going nowhere.  This makes perfect sense. 

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[Mary sits down at her twitter page.]
BeholdALady12378: #ontothenext
BeholdALady12378: I know my worth and if I’m not getting it, #ontothenext
[Blocks Jameson and deletes his number.] 


[The boys are at the bar and they see Mary off in the distance.]
Antonio: Ain’t that, that chick you was talking to for a minute?
Jameson: LOL, yeah, I wouldn’t call it talking to.
Antonio: LOL, man you’re a dirt bag.
Jameson: Look man, she’s just not that cute.  She wants me to treat her like a wifey, look at her, you know I was not wifing that down.  She’s a herb.  One of those girls who thinks she’s the ish, but in reality, no she’s a jump off.  I know like three dudes who beat.
Antonio: Don’t tell me son, you was the dude talking to her. 


Jameson: This is losing.
Antonio: Yeah, I already lined up my safety beats.  I’m about to bounce, you still need that ride?
Jameson: Give me ten minutes.
[Walks over to Mary on the other side of the bar.] 


Antonio: [Reads text from Jameson, “I’m good, I’ll holla.”]