Look, I'm not that into you. I think we should just be friends -- and would you mind paying for the fillet mignon you just sucked down without chewing?

Maxfab wrote a blog on here called Being Cruel to be Kind where she recommended a three part system for how men, for the greater good, should in some cases be cruel to women in order for said women to move on with their lives. Max your heart was in the right place but it aint gonan happen, buddy.

On that blog a commenter said:

QueenT: Noble idea Max…and I wish they would take heed but they won’t. Men are very non-confrontational creatures. They hate to see women cry and sad. They would rather chuck the deuces and leave us billowing in the wind..its a purely selfish way of behaving but its what they do…..women have to just learn not expect any closure and just move on.

QueenT is correct. This isn’t to say Max is incorrect, it’s just that men don’t follow Max’s advice, even if they should. The reason men don’t bother properly breaking up or communicating with women is because men do not feel like dealing women’s emotions unless they have to. Fortunately, I have the Internet and this here Norton Antivirus protector to protect me from those of you I just upset.

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When it comes to women – as QueenT accurately pointed out – men are non-confrontational creatures. No man wants to see a woman cry or scream. A crazy screaming woman is every man’s fear. A crying woman is every man’s kryptonite. Seriously, if you have ever cried in front of a man and he didn’t at least flinch like he was about to hold you? LEAVE THAT MAN ALONE! He is a serial killer!

Since men are emotionally handicapped creatures we cannot invest our limited emotions in every woman we deal with. Honestly, men try to prevent becoming emotionally attached to any woman, ever. A man has to be really, really, reallllllly into you to even consider, let alone become emotionally invested. Men are logically calculating. Therefore, he is not going to take the time to try to make you understand why he is not interested when it’s easier to walk away and not have to deal with the possibility that you might become emotional. It is not worth it.

Let me give some context. As a man, you know that if you encounter another man both of you have a breaking point. A ‘breaking point’ is the point where something is said and/or done where you or he hauls off and punches the other man in the face. Hopefully, knocking him out, which is why I’m a firm believer in sucker punching. I’m too pretty to be getting hit all up in my facial region during fisticuffs – and I got a 9 to 5 mannn.

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This unspoken understanding creates an inherent buffer to every interaction men have with one another because at any given point they may very well get punched in the face if they habitutually line step. However, unless you’re Chris Brown, you can’t hit a woman no matter how upset she makes you. Even if she strikes you first people still expect you not to hit her back. *blank stare*

Furthermore, women have emotions on lock. Have you ever seen a woman go off on an emotional rant? IT. IS. TERRIFYING. No man wants to deal with that. First, we have no idea how to react because we’re not emotional creatures. It’s like asking us to defuse a bomb while wearing oven mittens. Secondly, with their ninja-like mastery of emotion, women will say and/or do stuff simply to invoke an emotional reaction from their advisary. As a result, most men correctly figure it is easier to avoid this situation completely.

In closing, men are honest with women they love, tell the truth to women they don’t care about and avoid the women who fall in the middle. You may disagree so I’ll turn it over for discussion.

Fellas, do you feel you are obligated to the women in your life to attempt to give them some type of closure even if it may involve, dare I say, emotions? Ladies, what do you expect from men? Can you handle the truth? Is it easier to imagine he got hit by a bus and could not reach out to profess his unrequitted love for you before his untimely demise or would you prefer to hear “I’m just not that into you”?