She's serious though??


Got another guest jawn from the homie Drew Shane! Enjoy!!



When you first meet someone, you speak. You converse. What someone says and how they say it are indicators of where the conversation can or won’t go.

For some people, striking up a conversation presents some challenges. I can understand nerves, especially when you’re really feeling a person, or at least think. Again, indicators.

Bad conversations do exist and can happen to good people. These conversations aid in setting the pace for someone not to return like the examples below:

She Got A Big… And Know How To Use It– There’s no need to use “efficient, proficient and disseminate” in one sentence. I’m not your English professor nor am I recommending you for a prestigious law firm. We are having a conversation not working on our thesis paper. I don’t know why people feel they have to show you how smart they are. Not that I’m not for advancement of education outside of undergraduate but I’m a graduate from the education system too. So I know what you are going through. You’re not turning me on because you’re using words I haven’t heard of. I’m just going to look at you like you’re the fool.

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Wait, Come Again– Remember what you told me. If you said you’re in law school and then when we finally connect for a longer conversation on the phone you say “Oh, I’m thinking about going in law school.” Now being and thinking are two different things. I’m not sure how you got those confused. Maybe I’m confused here. Same goes for occupations too.

Uh-huh, OK, What’s Up- Shut Up!– Can I get a word in? Please. You’re not going to get to know me by doing all the talking. You know if I’m not asking you any questions I’m tired of hearing you speak. So just shut up and ask me something. A conversation works both ways. You’re supposed to send and receive messages. If all you’re doing is sending, perhaps you should reevaluate how a conversation works. Or just email me, if you want to keep talking uninterrupted.

No You Haven’t Been Running Through My Mind– I think we’ve established we’re both attracted to each other. Or at least me because I wouldn’t want to learn more if I wasn’t. I’m not good at taking compliments. So this just might be for me. I can’t take too many compliments. I get it. Throughout the conversation, you don’t have to compliment me on every little thing. That’s not going to make me talk to you longer. But what will end a conversation sooner, is using pick-up lines. I didn’t think it was the 90s. Last time, I checked all TV sitcoms and Tyler Perry movies have used all the pick-up lines possible. Just be natural. Women are just as guilty too. Once we exchange one, that’s good enough for me. Too much flattery, isn’t a good thing.

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Just building enough courage to approach someone can be tough. So some things can slide, right?

Ladies and gents of SBM, what are some things you hate to hear in a first conversation with someone you’re feeling? We’re family, so share some of your good bad experiences meeting people.

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