What’s good SBMassive! Its time for another installment of the Take it to the Streetz series on Singleblackmale.org. Today I have a hilarious yet real scenario that came up as always during a car ride conversation. Buckle up, adjusts your seats, and get ready for the story!

So I went with 2 of my boys to a going away happy hour event. Good times were had by all. One of my boys met up with his girlfriend at the event, which was cool. We all live near each other and I didn’t drive and it was too brick to take the train home so it worked out that we all car-pooled when we left. So we were in the car, clowning girls and guys at the event, and talking about random sh*t. So me, being me, I bring up All-Star Weekend in LA (going down this month), and I was gauging interest to see who wanted to roll. My boy and his girl were in the front seat. When I innocently said “Yo All Star weekend we makin that move or what?!!!” His girlfriend gave my homie one of the most classic side eyes I’ve ever seen! He threw up hands,  looked at his shorty, and said “Man, I don’t know” LOL!

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So that’s when I decide to go ALL THE WAY IN on the topic! I start questioning the girlfriend, and our conversation went a little something like this:

Streetz: Why can’t he go?!! What’s the issue?!

Girlfriend: He can’t go because I won’t be there!

Streetz: What?! So you have to accompany him to EVERY vacation he attends?! Even a guys vacation?! 0_o

GF: If it’s All Star Weekends, YUP! C’mon Streetz, you know that the ONLY reason dudes go out to ASW is to fcuk and act ratchet!

Streetz: Well I don’t know about anyone else, but I was planning to see my homies from Cali, hit the party scene, and have a good time. Sex never really crossed my mind like that…

GF: *The Miz Voice* Really?! REALLY?!!

Streetz: LOL OK you got that. #ImSayinThough, don’t you trust him?! if you’re shook about him doing something that he’s not suppose to, that can occur whether domestic or abroad! A trip won’t increase or decrease the same opportunities he has right here in NYC!

GF: Hmm… Ok. Well if [NAME REDACTED] goes then you DEFINITELY CAN’T GO!!!


Streetz: What’s wrong with [NAME REDACTED] going on a trip?

GF: That dude is a little too much, and I know he does the most on vacations!

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Streetz: It’s not like you’ve gone on vacay with him before so…


Streetz: *Thinking of rebuttal* Damn! lol… On another note though, If I’m doing something ratchet or other dudes are engaging in ratchet activity, it’s on your man whether or not he participates or is influenced. I won’t encourage him to do anything egregious to his relationship. A lot of times dudes don’t amp up committed dudes to cheat. they amp themselves!

GF: OK, you have a point.

Streetz: Now on the same note, can he accompany you on a all girls trip to Cancun or DR or wherever y’all go?

GF: Sure he can, it’s nothing!

Boyfriend: That’s cause all here friends are dry….


So basically in the scenario above, the girlfriends doesn’t trust men when they go on vacation together. I say it’s silly. Dudes have been going on vacation with friends and family since the first caveman wanted to take a walk and avoid the nagging of his wife back at the cave. Men nor women should be making decisions on vacations for their S/Os. What’s your opinion? Should women be wary of trips her man takes with his boys? Is it a double edged sword? Men should you impose similar sanctions?

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DR in October is a beautiful thing,

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