“There’s this psychiatrist, a lady named Frances Chris Walson. She has a theory about the black man in America. She says because of the system of racism in this country, the black man is meant to think of himself as a baby. A not yet fully formed being, who has not yet realized his full potential. To support her claim, she offers the following: First off, what does a black man call his woman? Mama. Secondly, what does a black man call his closest acquaintances? His boys. And finally, what does a black man call his place of residence? The crib.” – Jody Summers

Powerful quote.  I’m going to touch on some issues that I feel Black folk need to change right away.  Not wasting a single moment to procrastinate, but to attack these issues head on.  It’s Black History Month, and I’m sure that we could do a series of posts on Black relationships, but for SingleBlackMale.org, we talk about that every day.  Let’s talk about something else that affects single Black men and women.  I’ll do my best to weave in some intricacies of relationships, but the overhanging objective is not relationships but the prosperity of Black America.  You won’t see a lot of big words from me, so I’m sure if you want to lace the comments with the big words and theories, that’s cool.  In my opinion, I want to say it plain and say it straight so that everyone from the youth to the old, the uneducated and educated get the message.  We haven’t done our best with reading comprehension in the community, but now’s not the time to increase the gap by producing information that only well educated Black folk can understand.

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There are ten points I want to make, in the words of Obama, this is our “Sputnik” moment as Black folk in America.  Some of my points will be funny, poignant, hurtful and motivational.  My goal isn’t to offend anyone, so if you take offense to something, I’m probably not going to argue with you in the comments section.  I know that some of you are the exception, and some of you roll in crews that you’ve never met one of these people, that’s cool.  I don’t roll with anybody who is illiterate, and I actually don’t know any either.  But if I was to sit here and tell you that illiteracy is not a problem in the Black Community, I’d be a fool.  With that said, let’s begin this three-part series.

1.       Stop being phat – Real talk there was this girl in my high school who developed a little faster than everyone, she had probably a fatty and D-cups by the 11th grade.  She was “phat to death” as they used to say back in the day.  I saw that girl the other day and she is “close to death.”  She was on the train standing because, well let me not make jokes.  But I could tell that she had met that harsh reality that if Black folks don’t stop condoning obesity in our community despite the alarming statistics about diabetes and heart disease, we’re not going to make it.  When she was in high school, her doctor should have probably recommended she start taking it down.  She was probably geeked up that all the dudes was checking for her and that she had a little bust.  At this point in her life now, she ain’t got none of that.  I’m sure that if she has a man, if he ain’t the same way, he probably hates the sight of her.  Hey, dudes take note too, you used to be 6’ and 185 lbs, and now … you’re like 5’11” and 250lbs.  You don’t hold your weight well, and your wife is a little upset whenever you’re on top.  Get it together homie.

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2.       Affinity for chicken – This may surprise a lot of you, but it’s no secret that Black people love the chicken so much, there is however a secret people have been keeping from Black people about chicken.  It’s the epitome of Black America.  Chicken actually has little to no nutritional value.  It’s almost like eating Ramen.  Compared to all other forms of protein it’s the worst.  Yeah, you can get something out of it, but in reality, you’re getting the worse of the worse.  In a nutshell, you’re filling yourself up on something, which in the grand scheme of things doesn’t matter.  Also evolution tells us that people are most attracted to those things that we’ve had less during our time in evolution.  Because chickens come from eastern Asia, then spread all the way to Europe, then brought to America, in fact, chicken didn’t get to Africa until the mid 1700s, and that was only Egyptians.  That’s the real reason why Black people love chicken so much, they never had it before.

3.       The Programming on BET and CW – They took off the News and replaced it with The Game?!  Are you serious?  There is nothing cool about the programming on BET and CW.  And you know why Viacom has no intentions on changing it?  Because Black people watch that crap.  Not only do they watch it, Viacom doesn’t even need to run commercials for their own shows anymore because Facebook and Twitter have allowed corporations to cut their marketing budgets by 75% due to the immense amount of ignorant Black people tweeting about it.  Demand something better out of your programming, and if you don’t get it, stop watching it.  I think Rosci is beautiful, that’s my personal preference, maybe not yours.  But I refuse to watch 106 & Park because compared to every other live show, it sucks, and the sh*t is not even LIVE!  I know that whenever Carson Daly gets stuck watching 106 & Park he uses the n-word frequently and often.

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To be continued…