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Every first week of January gyms are flooded all over the country, filled with resolutionists, who proclaim that this is “their year” to get in shape.  They get a trainer, step on the scale look at the number. They say they’re trying to lose 10 pounds, preparing for Summer. However, around this time of the year is when the influx of new gym members begins to fade. Either those people aren’t as hyped, or were met with a challenge that they failed to overcome. Maybe real life took over and they just need to find their way back. If you are one of these people, then it is my goal to make sure you find your way back to fitness. If you’re one of the people who remains consistent, then it is my goal to keep you consistent and make sure you don’t fall off in any way.

As I look at the calendar, I realize that we basically have a little over 3 months until Memorial Day Weekend.  A solid 90 days. A lot can be accomplished in that time #noinfomercial.  I want to share a few simple steps that will help if you want to get in shape and have that summer body ( or something better than what you have now). Here are a few things you need in order to move in that direction:

Goals and a positive mindset

Goal setting is HUGE in fitness. The mind is the strongest part of the body. One of my favorite poems eloquently states “Success begins with a fellows will. It’s all in a state of mind”. If you think you can’t get in shape, you won’t! If you have unrealistic goals, you will get easily discouraged. Saying “I’m gonna have a six pack in 6 days” Will NOT happen unless you’re on that Brucie GTAIV Liberty City Shark Testosterone flow.  Set your goals and write them down. Read them daily to keep you focused. Set long term and short term goals. Constantly think positive and upbeat about the future. Envision yourself with the body you want, and meet that goal. Check out people who have bodies that you want, and use them as a muse.

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Good Nutrition

People may not want to admit it, but if you eat like sh*t, you won’t reach your goals, period! Fast food daily, snacks, soda, liquor, etc are not going to get you where you want to go. These items have to be severely restricted or eliminated. That goes for smokers too (cigarettes, weed is natural, right?). I’m not saying to go on a crash diet, but you need to eat and not starve yourself. 5-6 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks), portion control,  water intake, and other strategies will assist you in reaching your goals. Trust me, anyone who follows my tweets can tell you that I have an affinity for Popeyes, patron, henny, ice cream, and anything fried. I haven’t stopped eating these completely, as I treat myself occasionally, BUT I made the decision that I’d rather have a nice body than eat junk food daily, feel sluggish, and feel defeated that I didn’t eat better. So get your food game right!

Workout Regimen

Weight training and cardio is necessary, as building lean muscle and burning fat will work alongside nutrition to help sculpt your new body. There’s hella resources online for all types of workouts, so you can never get bored. You want to challenge yourself and have good workouts. At a minimum, I’d suggest 3 times a week of cardio and 3 times  a week of weight lifting. Switch out your workouts every month or at most every 6 weeks to avoid your body adapting to your regimen. There’s a great feeling after a workout of exhaustion, pain, and accomplishment. Staying consistent and motivated will generate results in no time!

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Nothing in life comes easy. Yes, you will have to make time for the gym. Yes, you will have to stop eating and drinking the bad foods/beverages you love in order to reach these goals. I understand that some days you don’t want to go to the gym. You don’t want to workout. You just want to chill. So do I!! Think about this: in the time that you waste watching TV, surfing the net, or just BSn, you could’ve finished a meaningful workout and took one step closer to your goal. A lot of the people you see with crazy bodies in those fitness magazine are steroided up, and give the impression that a brolic look is easy. It’s not at all. Hell, even the ‘roiders HAVE to work out! Of course I’m not promoting the juice. We can sit here and kick excuses until the cows come home, but some type of sacrifice is necessary to reach your goal. You have to accept that in order to succeed. A minute of suffering for a lifetime of happiness.

A Supportive Community

Working out and getting in shape is hard, but it can be MUCH easier with a community of people to motivate you and help you on your journey. I usually work out alone, because I can’t wait for people to go to the gym. When I’m ready, I’m ready. However, I would argue that some of my best workouts have occurred when I worked out with a  team. They push you to exceed your limits, support you, give you tips to improve your workouts, and share in your struggle. You can’t surround yourself with negative people, or people who’d rather BBM and twitpic gym poses than actually work out. The gym isn’t social hour, you’re on the clock! So get with like minded people, join these fitness discussion forums online, ask for advice, give advice, be humble, and succeed!

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We’re all on the clock ladies and gentleman. A lot of us talked a big game about fitness. Now it’s time to put up or shut up! You have the time to succeed, so make it happen! The last thing you want to do is wake up and realize that it’s June and you’ve made no progress. You control your fitness destiny, not genetics or critics!

Any thoughts on this everyone? Any struggles or success stories? Any questions on how to reach your goals? Let’s get moving and get focused!

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