They all heard someone was giving away p****

Craigslist games have been popular for awhile.  It’s a place you can be completely anonymous and play experiments on people.  Want to see if women will really send in head shots to fly in your G5?  Want to see how foul a woman has to be for no man to sleep with her?  Want to see how much your virginity is worth?  Yeah … craigslist gives you the opportunity to do this, and get away without people coming to get you.

One of the SBM family decided to run her own little experiment.  Read on …

Subject: Revenge Sex

So, out of curiosity one day, I posted an ad on Craigslist. It was completely
phony, although I was amazed at the turnout! Basically what happened was, I
posed as a white woman in “Casual Encounters”. I stated that I was a white
woman who had found her boyfriend cheating after a seven-year relationship. I
stated that I was interested in having revenge sex, and “the bigger and blacker
the better.” I received nearly 300 responses! Seriously!?!

Could someone please analyze this one for me? Why would so many men jump at this opportunity?
What does this say about men and relationships in general?

I hope to receive a response!


So I am going to make some assumptions just by the way this is worded:

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– You were trying to see if a white woman asking for a black man would illicit a response
– You wanted to see if men were down for a “casual encounter”
– You already knew what was going to happen!!!

First, I don’t think this is a race thing at all.  If you had left out the “blacker” in the post, you would have still had 300+ responses.  If the girl was latin, black, asian, or polka dot … you would still have 300+ responses.  Race was not a factor. You managed to prove one thing with this:

There are at least 300 men that want easy p*ssy

I know … shocking.

You basically offered the easiest of beats.  No date, no money, no chance of a relationship … just back breaking f*cking.  And not just some regular s*x, this woman is mad.  This woman wants to prove a point and make a statement.  The things she would do defy physics.  You offered every man’s dream.  Are you surprised by the response?  Reading this, a few things make even me want to send a response (and I know its fake):

Casual S*x is … great

Personally, I do love committed “I’m in love” coitus.  It’s passionate, I can kiss you in your mouth and not worry about herpes, I can leave the rubber in the drawer … it’s just better. But new p*ssy is new and there is a lot to be said about being able to put your pants on immediately after and going to your own house … alone.

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S*x is always better when someone is mad

Makeup s*x. Breakup s*x. “I hate you” s*x.  Well recognized as some of the best good good that you are going to come across.  What is common here?  Anger!  Anger just … well … if I gotta explain you just don’t know.

It was posted in “casual encounters”

If I am reading casual encounters, I am not trying to work for my beats and I’m too cheap to pay for it.  As long as you aren’t posting “I finally got the last surgery to become a woman and want to test out my new parts” … you probably would have gotten 300 responses with nothing more than a phone number.

So, the analysis … you offered free p*ssy.  You might have broken the entire internet with the amount of responses.  Be happy it ended at 300.

Who is surprised by this response?  Was the race a major factor in the response rate?  Don’t you want to craft a fake craigslist posting right now?

– SBM aka Mr. I like Free & Easy aka Working for it is overrated

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