With a newly designed site, new readers, and a kick-ass lineup of writers come more opportunity and responsibility. In the words of a great man…sh*t is getting really bawse. And with that being the case, we have a few announcements that we wanted to make:

Black Weblog Awards

Voting for nominations on the Black Weblog Awards begins on Monday. We wanted to give you guys a heads up so that you remember to vote for SBM in a few key categories. We’ve been putting in a lot of work to make things better and would appreciate any and all support to help us get through to the finals in an incredibly stacked competition. This year please make sure you nominate us for:

  • Best Sex and Relationships Blog
  • Best Group Blog (Has nothing to do with group sex)
  • Blog of the Year
  • Best Lifestyle Blog

Weekend Post: Comments of the Week

Since the readers do make us what we are. We’re gonna start running a weekend post highlighting top comments from the week on each post. This will include the user name, comment content, and a link to the post it came from. And just for the record, it won’t always be determined by the number of thumbs up or likes that a comment gets.

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About the President…

Yeah, we’re not meeting him. We just know how people feel about reading posts titled “Announcements.” Sorry, it was for your own good. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy the additional post on weekends and ask again that you make sure you nominate us in the Black Weblog Awards.

The SBM Staff