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From Muze on Stop Bodying Yourself on Twitter!

i don’t think women should tailor their tweets according to the type of man they want. i think women should tweet according to the type of woman they are. which is why, single or not, i will never be twitpic’ing a pic of any body part that is covered by a bikini, i don’t participate in any of the incredibly ignant “topics” and i definitely don’t talk about the details of my love life on any social media outlet. and this is solely because i wouldn’t do any of this in real life. i’m not walking around naked in front of 700 random people who in turn share it with the 700 people walking behind them, i’m not talking with random strangers about how Jay blew my back out last night, and i don’t strike up conversation with people i sort of kind of know about why #shewantsthed*ck. it’s just not me.

i think us women look at a man’s twitter in the same way though. it’s a good filter to see what people think worthy of tweeting. now, some people do have completely different e-lives than real ones, but those people are usually aware and make that known. those people also aren’t usually dating or interested in anyone who happens to be on twitter. i knew a girl that used to tweet THEE most ignant things. as soon as her boofriend (yes, boofriend) joined twitter, her tweets looked like they’d been though a hot water cycle in the washer with added bleach. pristine clean. lol. she also went through and deleted a alot of old tweets. i’d say that was pretty smart.

From QueenT on Your Man is Gay, Now What?

Honestly J, I don’t think alot of women DO KNOW…many of these dudes come off very masculine, thuggish even…and they are deliberate in their attempts to hide who they are..they pursue women regularly while they get it in with other dudes on the side..I’m sorry, but that is the most selfish behavior..and it really angers me….I don’t think they want to come out of the closet…because they don’t want to be labeled gay..but, if you have ever had relations with a person of the same sex…and regularly engage in this…you are gay. They are too cowardly to come, they involve women in their diry little schemes….

You said don’t overreact…are you serious? you just find out a man you love and care about is cheating on you with other dudes…you are going to react how you react.I would expect an overreaction. He is lucky she didn’t blow his brains out..not that I condone that..but, that could have happened..she fainted. he got off easy. He should have told her FIRST or at the same time that he told everyone else.

Don’t go around telling everybody…”because it’s not a good look for you”…I say, tell everyone…I say shout in unto the hills….so, now the woman is supposed to participate in the deception now? Now she is supposed to go get her some wine and suffer in silence…nah, I don’t think so.

Lastly, the problem is these men are destroying women by the numbers…and not at all considering coming out..or the DL community wouldn’t be so large. If they would come out..or at least let these women know you deal with men sometimes..let them decide what they want to do next…these men are deceiving people on all levels..and they seem to have no qualms about it and women are dying…hello?

I applaud any homosexual person is out and living their authentic life..but, if you are out here fronting like you are a straight man, pursuing women, lying…practing unsafe s*x with dudes and then dealing with should be ashamed of yourself..and get your sh*t together….stop being a coward.

If I am offending any DL brothers then so be it. I hope I am.

From Christina on Sentimental Value

Thank you DeKeLa…Thank you for that explanation of what Alpha’s are.

Now I need you to elaborate a little more.

Who are their “founders”? They’re all secrect (do you mean secret?) members of the FreeMasons. What do you mean? Who are the Free Masons? Who/what are the Illuminati’s? Is world peace achievable? Do aliens exist? Have you ever been probed? Is Donald Trump’s hair real or fake? What is Spam made from? What is God’s home address? Is Tupac dead or alive? Where do babies come from? Why is the sky blue? What is a micro-dermal piercing? Why is the industry designed to keep the artist in debt? Why they sellin’ niggaz CD’s for under a dime? Why is a brotha up North better than Jordan that ain’t get that break? Why did Kobe have to hit that raw? Why did Bush knock down them towers? Why they stop lettin’ niggaz get degrees in jail? Why did crack have to hit so hard? Why’d Denzel have to be crooked before he took it? Why they ain’t give us a cure for AIDS?  Why…Oh why?

To be continued…

From il Duce the Grand Nagus, Master of the Rules of Acquisition: on Breaking Old Habits

I use to smoke more weed than Bob Marley. And slang weed like Big Worm. So let me give you my expert advice.

If he really likes you he may try to quit.

If you are a real weed smoker you aint quittin cold turkey. You will have to ween yourself off of it. You will go through withdrawl.

If he stops smoking it will also mean choosing you over his friends. You can’t stop smoking and be around smokers. This is one of the hardest parts about quitting. Your are giving up a lifestyle you enjoy.

Excessive weed smoke does effect your sex drive. I never realized how much it effected mine until I stopped smoking and my sex drive went through the roof.

Weed will mess up your memory and your drive to do anything. It eventually takes all your energy.

As a former smoker…I can tell you I could never do my job if I was still a smoker. Weed messes with you memory, your speech, you ability to think clearly and makes you tired.

I will say…if I was still a smoker my blood pressure probably would not be high. And man do I miss smoking after a long workout lifting weights. That was the best. It just took all the pain from the workout away. That is the only real smoke I miss. The after workout Bob.

That’s all for now.

From Symbiotic Loner on How to Survive Dating a Crazy Woman

“…People are in control of their own actions and ‘the devil made me do it’ is the excuse of immature peons…” – Dr. J

Amen there… Just because I’ve been with crazy femles doesn’t mean that I do ish to drive OTHER members of the opposite sex crazy… Just because I’ve been through incredible amounts of ish with females doesn’t excuse me in doing ish to a good WOMAN… (smile) I do have SOME intelligence…

WIP, I feel you on trying to give up messing with crazy women. I HAVE turned my back on crazy females… No more… They may have the bomb-a$$ pu$$y; they may “keep life interesting”… BUT, I’ve learned some time ago that a “boring” women with mid-grade pu$$y is better…in the long run…

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