Hey Folks,

Comments of the Week is preparing for the Rapture, so instead we decided it’d be a good time to update and remind you of some of the happenings here at SBM. Since attention spans are even shorter after 5pm on Friday, we’re not gonna waste time gettin’ to it:

SBM in Black Weblog Awards Finals in 5 Categories!

What a difference a year makes. In 2010, we made the finals in 0 categories. This year we bounced back and made it in 5:

  • Best Blog Design
  • Best Blog Group Blog
  • Best Blog Post Series
  • Best Sex & Relationship Blog
  • Blog of the year

This wouldn’t be possible without all you out there voting and helping us make e-dreams come true. But please know it ain’t over yet. We need you to vote one more time for us in the finals in the selected categories. Don’t have Slim and whoever else goes to the live award ceremony in LA lookin’ like the snubs of the night. That would be kinda mean and sh*tty. You don’t really wanna be mean and sh*tty during Rapture season.  Click here to vote.

Dr. J Releases eBook, 17th and K Street

This week on Doc’s Tuesday post, he announced the release of his 2nd eBook. Make sure you take a few seconds to download you’re copy and get to reading. It will make your life better. Download here.

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Slim Jackson Makes Appearance on the Michael Baisden Show

Good things come to those who blog. In this case, Slim got the chance to go on the air with Michael Baisden to briefly discuss why men lie about other chicks they’re smanging. If you don’t know, this show is syndicated in 77 cities…thus making it bawse. Click here to check out the Slimmeister toward the end of the segment.


We’re planning a few events in NYC to take place during the next 2 to 3 months. Just wanted to make sure we let errbody know that we’re about to step the NYC presence up.

That’s all we got. Have a good weekend folks!

Team SBM