I know one thing, her man's name isn't Devon.

“There are three things you need to know about me, One, I believe in God. Two, I ain’t shit without you. And three, most importantly …  I ain’t shit without you.” – Lil’ Wayne.  And every time, I start writing I think of all y’all who continue to support me and my projects on the Internet.  So if I ain’t said thank you in a while, Thank You All.

With that said, this post is inspired from one of our readers.  They know who they are.

Long story short, a shorty said her ex man’s name while she was doing the #nassameanyaheard with the current dude.  And the current dude pulled an Electrik Red, and disappeared.


That didn’t have nothing to do with this, but it’s an excellent way to start a conversation. Now before we get into the post, I want to introduce some new ish to my posts. Dr. Jay and DJ Todd have put together a short mix just for this post.  A special treat, a nice mix; some old school and some new school.  You can stream “So You Said My Name While Ya Was Sexin” and keep reading, or download it here.

As soon as I read this email, I thought to myself, “NO YOU DIDN’T!”  Then I thought back to my collegiate days and I think I speak for all men in attendance today, there’s been a time when you woke up and looked to your left and said, “Whoa, swear I was laying next to someone else.”  Actually, I heard a crazy story the other day, my boy told me that he was sleeping with a girl who had a man and he made her yell out her man’s name each time he… well let’s leave that at that.  


Only thing I can say is, “sometimes it be’s like that, babe.”  I listened to DMX – How’s It Going Down, while writing this piece and remembered when he said, “Heard he smacked you ‘cuz you said my name while y’all was sexin’.  Ran up on this cat, thought was me, and started flexin’.”  So when you think about it, a lot of dudes would have resulted to blows after hearing another man’s name while he was trying to give you the business.  Only analogy I can give is that it’s like ordering a Whopper at McDonald’s.  #Freudianslip. In the grand scheme of things, it happens, but still you can’t let that rock out.  Would you seriously respect a dude who let that type of thing go?  Nope, and I wouldn’t either.  I could picture it now.

Jay: What’s good my dude?
Face: Nothing just chilling, let me tell you though, last night my girl said another man’s name when we was doing it.
Jay: Wow, your girl f*cking that guy tho.
Face: Naw, it’s her best friend, it was a slip, I acted like I ain’t hear it.
Jay: Oh I see what you mean, yeah, ain’t no reason to catch a dime over a pistol whipping.
Face: That’s what I’m thinking, plus you know I had told you I was ring shopping last week.
Jay: [Texts the hood, “This n[egro] Face is a b*tch.”]

Thing is, this opens up a few opportunities; you could tell your ex this happened and see what he says, he might try and get a new job, get his teeth fixed and get back right with you.  Also, and I say this from a good place, it’s the summer, time to get a new boo anyway.  I’d like to say there are things that you can do to get back with the guy, but it really isn’t.  Men go through this all the time though, so it happens, we date a girl, we think we got a good situation and then she just stops returning our calls, and don’t frequent the same places we used to go to.  This all ends with a text that says, “Please stop hitting me up.”  

(Random side note: The reason why dudes go text crazy is because they get upset because you won’t answer the text and they just got to keep texting until they get an answer.)

All this because she want a relationship, but when we met she said, “Nothing serious.”  #nochangingmindsgirl

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That isn’t exactly what you’re going through, but it’s just to show you that sometimes situations end off messed up circumstance.  The best thing you can do is learn from it and move on to the next.  I mean, what can you do?  You can only rock out on a prayer that it will come back to you.  Maybe in a little while he’ll calm down and you can have a conversation and explain yourself.  A very interesting friend of mine said to tell him, “Stop fronting like you wasn’t thinking of Roxy Reynolds when you was with me.”  And I mean, if you got a trick up your sleeve like some uranium you keeping between your hips, then use that.  Most men have had good reasons to leave a woman alone and because of a good batch of uranium they bitched up and just stay in the moment, smoke some weed and drink some wine.

As for me, in this house, I couldn’t let that rock out. But I feel your pain.

More Information on, So You Said My Name While Ya Was Sexin’, Playlist:  how’s it goin down / sleepin in my bed / creep / freak like me / raining men | Download links, here or here.