Two Indians & a Latino were killed in the making of this hair

About a year and a half ago, I wrote a post.  There was something bubbling within me and I had to release it.  A black bubbly hatred that was sure to soon consume me.

I dropped “I Hate Weaves”

It was an innocent post.  I had one goal with that post: tell the story of how I came to detest the lie to the world that many women wear upon their head.

What ended up happening was the reigniting of a battle as old as time. A war that no one knows when it started, but will never end.  Animosity that will be passed down from generation to generation.

You know what I’m talking about … you saw School Daze.

Natural Hair Wearers vs. The Perms vs. The Weave Wearers

I remember watching the drama unfold.  Someone with a weave would call me ignorant.  Then a proud afro rocking Jill Scott wannabe would step in and deal her something serious.  “You subscribe to a false sense of beauty.  Straight hair isn’t true to our roots … etc … etc.”  Then someone without a weave, but permed hair would step in to preach on the simplicity of a perm, and drop a casual “horse hair hoe”.  Nuts.

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Now, a little older and a little wiser … I can revisit the subject with a new vigor.

But don’t get it twisted … SBM still hates weaves!

India Arie’s #1 Fan

First and foremost, my hatred of weaves isn’t me saying I love natural hair.  Don’t get me wrong … I do love most natural hair, but it’s not a must.  I do and always will love dreds and the love of my life has been natural for a year now … but I loved her just as much when she had a perm.

Those who take the time to look good and maintain their natural hairstyles … I love you.  After seeing how much extra work is required to go natural (don’t deny it … it’s work) and look good doing it … much respect.

But to all of you who just let your hair do whatever the f* it wants and then yell at those who wear a perm or weave … kill yo’self … I prefer the horse killers.

Chemical Burn Brenda

I have come to learn (and I’m ignoring anyone who disagrees) that having a natural hairstyle that looks good is a lot of work.  Sometimes it’s a matter of money, sometimes it a matter of hours in the day, sometimes your just a little lazy.  Whatever your reason for accepting the lye … I feel you.

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As long as your hair is filled with your own hair … I appreciate you.  European sense of beauty … whatever.  You take the time to leave the house looking good and no Indian woman was snatched bald in the process.

The Horse Haired Heifer Diva

What can I say … I don’t like you.

Mean?  Yes.  I don’t care.  The thought of cuddling up behind you and sticking my face into hair that didn’t come from your head makes me nauseous.  You can’t go into water, you can’t go in the rain, you can’t get into a fight, and your dropping hundreds on fresh yaki (or whatever the f* it’s called).

And if you hit me with the “What’s wrong with wanting to change it up … keep your hair fresh?” … I’m gonna have Dr. J smack you (yeah … I know he’s cool with weaves, but he doesn’t need a reason).  It’s hair, not nail polish.  If it was meant to be changed every 2 weeks, God would have added a release.  I hope your happy that some poor Indian woman is bald so you can think you look good.


2011 … Last year of the weave.  We can do it people … we buried n*gga, swag is dead, let’s do it.

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– SBM aka “Is that horse hair?” aka “Look at all these bald Indian women”