Every time he bags a modellin chick, he does this!



He’s the Captain. he’s the model for which every baseball player strives to achieve. He dates the baddest women, and he is the newest member of the 3000 hits club. This is the man who put NYC on his back daily, and reps a city, a sport, and a culture like no other. This man is Derek Jeter. I always respected him because he shows that you can emulate an ideal and actually live that ideal. In an age where professional athletes are marred in scandal, steroids, and other legal and moral troubles, you have Derek Jeter. You have a guy who isn’t involved in any off the field bullsh*t. A man who on the field is respected by every opponent and teammate he’s ever had or will face. He just gets it when it comes to image and character. That Jeter, he has an edge. When it comes to relationships, Derek carries that same awareness and image conscious bravado. I mean, you don’t have a hit list like THIS without knowing how to move in a room full of vultures. For all his on the field success, there’s a few things men can learn from Derek Jeter’s relationship swag:


I know who Derek Jeter has dated, but I’d be lying if I said whether or not I knew the inner workings of those relationships. Derek Jeter is the poster child for discretion. He keeps discussion to Baseball, his family, and not much else. He really isn’t heavy in the tabloids. You will not see him starring in a reality TV show. You won’t see him on that TwitPic screen showing his Metta World piece for the world to bear witness. It’s just not his style. Famous or not, people are messy. They will let the world know all the inner workings of their relationships, the ups and downs, the strengths and weaknesses. What ever happened to keeping things in house? What happened to having a bad day or a disagreement with someone, and just working it out instead of posting facebook statuses and sub-tweets on the Internet? One reason relationships fail, and people get embarrassed is because when people know everything about your personal life, they can twist it and use it against you in any way shape or form. Criticism won’t be as constructive if you tell any Joe Shmoe your relationship issues. It’s just not a good look!

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On another note, I really never hear the women Derek dates talking about their relationship either. See ladies, DJ2 figured out one of the crown jewel secrets of male-female interactions: Find a discreet woman, and you will find salvation. I’m private for the most part, and absolutely hated when exes would tell our issues to common friends and random people we knew (think associates, classmates, coworkers, etc). When this happens, people will form an opinion about you and about the relationship that you can’t really change unless you tell your side of the story and make it a complete mess. It’s a double edged sword: you either keep your mouth shut and let people think what they will, or you speak and lose privacy. Derek finds hot women and discreet women. You can’t beat that combo!

If you’re not ready for serious commitment, move on!

Men get caught up in this constantly. You never hear Jeter in any cheating scandals, and while it may be a reflection on his character, I would say he’s smarter than that. See, Derek isn’t maried and hasn’t been married to date. He more than likely enjoys his single/non-married life, and doesn’t want to complicate it with mistresses and such. He is probably on the list of the top 5 athletes in the world who could bone your wife without breaking a sweat, but he uses his powers for the greater good. He gets involved with these women and eventually, it “doesn’t work out” and he moves on to the next one. You ask me **looks around, now looks back at the computer screen** I think one of 3 things happens that has caused the relationships to fizzle:

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He’s bored

No matter how pretty/attractive you are, if you don’t have an engaging personality, you will eventually get broing, stale and expendable. When you’re a dude who’s been with gorgeous women, after a while that becomes your norm and you’re not going to stick around because “she looks good”. She needs to be a total package. As demanding of success as Jeter in on the field, I can only imagine his relationship standards. Poor women, lol.

The “where is this relationship going” question arose, and DJ replied “No Sir!! NOT ME!!”

The difference between Jeter and regular dudes, is when proposed with this scenario, the regular dude would dance around the issue, make up mad excuses, and hope they can buy time to think of a beter response until she brings it up again, Derek Jeter seems like the type of dude to say “That’s not what Im looking for right now, and if you are than maybe we should end this so no one gets hurt.” Remember, DJ is a winner, and winners can assess situations and knows that the right moves, even if it results in a minor loss, will lead to ultimate victory. he probably does a cost benefit analysis on the relationship, and if he doesn’t see it going farther, he chucks the deuces. Better to have loved and lost, right?

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Shes Crazy

Hello, Mariah.

These are just a few ways that Derek has shown men indirectly how to be a bachelor, date, and not get caught up in some BS, especially if you’re a celebrity. No baby mama drama. No 50-11 kids whom you don’t even remember all of their names floating around the world. No real slander that has been dealt on his name by women or anyone else. Now, no one is perfect, and I’m sure he has character flaws that he covers well (Ask A-Rod about how he holds grudges). One thing you can’t deny: He has been the quintessential role model for what’s right in sports since 1995, and he lives that and reflects that perception in relationships as well.

RT @reallifekaz: 3,000 hits. Endless hoes. Congrats to the Captain, Derek Jeter.

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