If you consider yourself an entrepreneur, it should be evident beyond the face to face conversation. There should be a website, business card, or something tangible that lets people know that you’re serious about what it is that you’re doing. But even now, that’s not enough. For Colored Girls When a Double Rainbow Isn’t Enuf. 

I hate when I’m talkin’ to somebody and they’re going on and on about how they’re CEO of some ish, but when you look them up you can’t find anything that speaks to what it is they’re trying to do. Living in New York City, I see and hear it every day. The most common thing I come across is the rapper distributing CDs or passing out placards telling me to check out their poorly designed Myspace page. Really fam? You want me to type Myspace into my browser? What do you think this is? Diseasess are rampant in these e-streets. No thanks.

As someone that has a day gig but is trying to turn this writing stuff into a full-time job, I have to dish a mean side-eye to folks trying to pass off a half-assed hobby as their full-time employment. Damn I’m using a lot of hyphens. If you don’t have a job, then you don’t have a job. Just say you’re looking for work. The economy is rough and I understand. But don’t tell me you’re the boss of a business that doesn’t really exist or is serving as a filler on your resume to fill gaps of unemployment. I’ll tune you out and let Bronze Jesus taking the steering wheel on our conversation.

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The thing is, I understand the hustle. I’m learning what it takes to get a business off the ground and how much time and energy goes into marketing yourself in hopes of becoming profitable. What I don’t understand is saying that you’re a “insert entrepreneurial profession** yet having nothing to show for it.  I get tired of hearing that someone is a blogger, musician, or pre-paid legal services representative, but they don’t have anything else going on. If this raises an eyebrow for me, I can imagine what it does for women.

Everybody has a right to pursue whatever it is that they wanna pursue. If you wanna be a professional hair dresser, actor/actress, RAWSE 2.o, or caricature master, then cool. Be about your business and be able to speak about the steps you’ve taken. I just know that when it comes to me and a chick I’m potentially interested in, I wanna understand how they’re bringing in money. And if they’re not bringing in money, I wanna understand what their plan is and how they’re going to turn things around in the very near future. I’m fine being the breadwinner. I’m not fine with you sitting on the couch at mama house only getting gigs when someone asks you to sing at Juanita’s wedding. No bueno.

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What about you? How do you feel when you meet someone who says they’re self-employed? Does it raise any red flags? At what point do you take the person seriously once it’s been deciphered that they’re “hustling” to make their dream become a reality?

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