Baby Boy Strizzle

Some people really think the Internet is real life. Well, I guess it’s as real as people make it. One thing I see is an exorbitant amount of sh* talking. I see it on Facebook (usually on statuses), Twitter, and especially in blog comments. You get these characters, who are mere screen names, who will defile your name, and your character with no reproach. I remember hearing my favorite summer track im a Boss, and Ross’s verse where he says the quote in our title, and I thought “This is so true”! What if you knew you would see the people in real life that you destroy online? Would you make those same comments? Why are people so tough behind a computer? What happens when real life and the Internet collide? I had to get the boy Slim on this one [||] to speak on this issue. Slim sleezy what the lick read?!

Slim Sleezy

What the lick read? Is this some island chatter I’m unfamiliar with? I knew I should’ve affiliated with Haiti or Jamaica a long time ago. Half the ish yall say that leaves me confused would make sense. I’d also have to give up vodka for rum and that’s not an option, but that’s not the point of this post. What you’re speaking of Sir Streetz is an issue I’ve been unable to get past for some time. I don’t consider myself controversial. I also understand that with greatness comes criticism, malice, and a mass of unpleasantries that are better left ignored, but that’s not me. I see some of these characters dropping words of ferocity because they think we’ll never meet. Got folks out there getting their electronic nuts off by leaving nasty comments or writing Facebook statuses or tweets that they think will cause them no harm. B**ch, I’m not just bawse. I’m a beast. Ughn!

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Streetz Sans Subliminals

You are a Yankee, lay claim to your point of origin! Anyway, the malfeasance I witness on social media is ridiculous. The problem with talking tough online, in the 90s it was waaay easier to stay anonymous while spewing your venom. In 2011? Especially with Twitter, its difficult to not have followers in common or know someone who can point out the coward talking sideways. It’s one thing when you criticize or play the dozens, it’s another when you get personal. I’ve seen real fights and peace talks have to occur on campuses in the early 2000’s after those string of  “[inset your colleges name here] Gossip” websites came through and crushed the buildings. Let’s not even start on Greek websites! The biggest thing I tell people is that if you are gully enough to diss random people online, don’t be a vag when speaking face to face. Get it? Vag.. Face?

Slim Slawse

I will suplex a wack cat into oncoming traffic. Seriously, I will chop someone in the throat and ask them to speak to me. I look forward to the day that someone has the gall to act in person the way they do online…unless it’s a chick. In which case, I’ll have Bertha come though and deliver a steel chair to the forehead and banzai drop. People laugh, but they don’t understand that disrespect online is no different than disrespect in real life. “Nah, I was just playing” = tiger uppercut OR it’s time to put your business out.

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I’m just saying. If you have a problem with someone, voice it to them in person. Going strong on the keyboard will get you nothing more than lame chuckles and saffron knuckles. I’m out this b**ch. Oh yeah, and I will keep my day job.

S. Treason

#WhoHurtYou?! In all seriousness, there’s nothing wrong with clowning on the net. There’s nothing even really wrong with being disrespectful. Just know that your perception of Internet interaction may not be the same as someone else. Communication is forever evolving, and ever since the first caveman clubbed up a dude for grunting at him sideways, messages can be heard much differently than you mean it. I see so much “E-beef” that it makes me chuckle in autotune, but it’s easy to tell when it goes from mindless pass the time chatter to “Whatchu say bout my momma?!”. In any conversations you have, remember the natural rules of engagement, and like someone once told me “If you’re man enough to say something disrespectful to another person, be man enough to accept the consequences”

Women you can do that too. Don’t hate me (No Misandry).

Putting out an EP titled “Watch the Blog”…