**We’re going to do something a little different today.  The living legend known as Streetz is in the trenches this week and rather than running a guest post in his absence we thought it would be best to inform and inspire.  Today’s post features a fellow blogger looking to do a little better than good enough.**

It’s amazing how the smallest intentions can affect us in the largest ways.  I walked into Ben’s Next Door and noticed that I saw fellow DC Blogger Najeema and we began to have a conversation.  In that conversation I was moved.  Her story is great and I’m sure that she can tell it better than I can.  A few highlights:

1) We’ve all felt trapped at our desks without a way out, Najeema is looking to do something about that.

2) A widow at a young age and a young marriage.

3) Najeema is seeking to bring awareness to the need for health and stroke awareness.  THIS, is almost essential to all Black people, specifically us men.

I’ll let the letter below speak for itself.

Dear SBM:

I’ve been at my government job for like 10 years now. I can’t believe I’ve been in one place for such a long time. It’s almost counter to my very nature, because I seek variety in every other part of my life. I’m not complaining and I’m not making a big stink. I realize that my job allows me the lifestyle that I’ve become accustomed to; but isn’t there something else? …

More so, I recognize it’s time for a life reset. And that is what Escape Cube City has become for me – a campaign that might bring me the opportunities the I seek outside of the office – a chance to influence people, to make a positive difference, and to dig myself out of this hole. (Yes, I’m being dramatic, but I grew up watching my father pour his life into his work as a principal, and I pretty much associated your work with your identity/value/worth, and since I don’t really value my job…..you get the picture.)

Fast forward to my husband dying last year after three years of marriage; I try to keep myself busy with things. That led me to being out so much, it was easier to stay busy than to face my (complicated) grief. So I started buying all of these “Social Deals” as a way to do something different (variety). It became clear to me that this could be an escape from the mundane and not just of me, but for everyone else.

I also noticed that being in my cube/office/sedentary lifestyle was affecting my physical well being. And I know this is the case for lots of people. So that’s when I hustled up and started working out. A triathlon became a goal after talking with a trainer and it stuck. I was initially crazy to take this on, but I became compelled, plus, I’m a woman of my word.

There was also the start of Black Women Bike (BWB), off of a conversation on twitter. It took off. What started with 50 members now has close to 350. And what I’m seeing here between BWB and ECC is that I’m making a difference, in a small number of people’s lives. I’ve gotten lots of notes and calls and kind words from people that say I’ve influenced them or that they are starting to get more active or that they even want to train for a triathlon. It’s been heartwarming. And I really do feel like I’m making a difference.

My fundraising campaign ends Sept 1. For more about the campaign, venture over to the chip-in page:  http://t.co/ImKMPOU

In honor of that and to bring the campaign to a close, I’m writing 11 posts (one each day from the 21st to the 31st) hoping that people will give to help me reach my goal. I’m at 46% of that. People can give at this link: http://t.co/ImKMPOU

There are incentives for all those who donate.  For the SBM reader who makes the biggest donation, they will receive a tee-shirt.  (Please identify yourself as an SBM reader in the Recent Comments page).



Just so you guys know there’s tons of more information about her story and campaign on her blog.  Check out the links below.

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To the SBM Massive, her goal is attainable and we can all help!  First, let’s tell everybody, so let’s get to tweeting and “facebooking.”  Next, let’s all reach in our pocket, grab that debit/credit card and assist Najeema in reaching her goal.  Every little bit helps.  It’s not about making the largest donation, it’s about making a donation.  Times is hard for everyone, but so is stepping out and trying to do better for ourselves.  I’m down to help Najeema in her effort to be GREAT, what about you?

Najeema’s Blog, Hell In A Handbag is located at: http://hellinahandbag.me/

Reach out to Najeema on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/OriginalNajeema

More information about Escape Cube City can be found here: http://bit.ly/o0xk28

– SBM Staff (Specifically, Dr. J)


***Admin Note***

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