My favorite part of the year is the fall, that’s when you can actually really do some damage on the fashion scene.  One of the things that most men never realize is that a keen sense of fashion is critical in deciding his social status.  Women notice almost immediately when a man has on some nice threads, even men take note too.  Keep it real fellas, you really want me to believe you never saw a dude with something on and thought to yourself that you wanted to get something just like it this weekend?  Yeah, me neither.

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Nonetheless, I took the liberty of putting together a short list of items that every man should make sure he has in his closet this fall.  I’m not going to recommend you start cuffing your jeans, invest in silk scarves, or turn into a wolf man to keep up with the times.  These are subtle additions that will definitely help you stand out in a crowd.

Michael Kors 'Blacked Out Runway' Chronograph Watch - $250

Michael Kors wristwatch – There used to be a time when a big faced watch was appropriate to give you that regal look.  However, recently the trend has shifted to subtlety but upon a closer look you realize that it’s as fashionable as ever.  I purchased the above watch because it allowed me not to have some flashy with “fake” diamonds or a huge face, but it’s got the blacked out look that catches the eye of a cultured watchman.

Banana Republic Heritage Classic Belt Trench - $298 (on sale for $250)

3/4 length trench coat – I’ve told myself that the last trench coat was going to be the one that lasted me for years.  This year, I fell in love with yet another Banana Republic trench coat.  These are the perfect addition to your collection.  We’re quite too old to still wear a pea coat everywhere we go, and if it ain’t the pea coat then it’s the North Face or leather jacket.  Do yourself a favor and cop a trench coat.  I would recommend Gap or Banana Republic because it’s easier on the pocket, but you can go ultra Travolta with the Burberry or Ralph Lauren trench coat with the same results.  Here’s the most important thing, never get a baggy trench coat, a baggy trench coat just screams Law & Order SVU.  You want a trench coat that fits.

Not pictured, but Cole Haan has cool pairs for $198

Saddle shoes – Personally, you guys know that I’m always attempting to stay trendy without going too far with my fashion.  If you’re reading any magazines, you’ll see a lot of ankle boots, I am not a fan.  I always liked the Kenneth Cole Reaction ankle boots, but lately, they’re just not the right look for me (or any other Black man).  Take advantage of the return of the saddle shoe.  Charlie Brown shouldn’t be the only nicely dressed man to wear some saddle shoes, you should grab a pair too.  If you don’t like the white/black jumpoffs, feel free to do any color coordination to your liking.  I’m a brown shoe guy, always have been, always will be.  I prefer the two tone brown saddle shoes.

Banana Republic Heritage New Slim Indigo Jean - $98.50 (on sale for $80)

Tight Fitted Jeans (or Slim) – If you are still wearing baggy jeans, go out back and shoot yourself in the head with a revolver – seriously, euthanize yourself.  Personally, I think that baggy jeans is something that men who didn’t love their body came up with to cover up their faults.  If you have the ability to wear a tight fitted pair of jeans, do so.  Do not wear jeggings, never wear jeggings unless you’re trying to impress 12 year old girls.  However, take all that unnecessary air out of your jeans and get some jeans that fit you nicely.  The obvious question that I always get is, “I’m thinking about slim cut jeans or tight fitted, but how tight is too tight?”  That’s simple, try on the jeans, if you can make a fist and put it in your front pocket, those are too loose.  Vice versa, if you’ll have to pull a female move and only take your ID and credit card with you in the club, those are too tight.  You want the front of your jeans to have a smooth, no crease or wrinkle look to them, and for the back of your jeans to show off your hammies and calfs.

Apple iPad, starts at $499

Apple iPad 2 – Anyone who knows me well knows that I just cannot stand Apple technology, I think it’s a ploy to control humanity.  When I think of Apple, I immediately think SkyNet.  However, there’s no doubt in my mind that an iPad is the best piece of technology to date in terms of handheld devices.  The iPad is the definitive item in a man’s fall collection.  This device will allow you to check email, write an article, chat with friends, check fantasy football scores, or catch up with your significant other via FaceTime all at the same time.

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A couple things, i’m admittedly average height (5’9″) and a slim build (I might be 152 lbs, soaking wet, with my jeans on in the rain).  This list will differ for everyone based on their height and weight.  So for those of you who aren’t “bringing skinny back,” what are some items that you’ve peeped that you think are required material for men?  Be sure to give some background on why you think that’s a good add.  Ladies, tell us a little about what you like to see a man wearing, but feel free to mention your five items too.  Cheers.

– Dr. J

Today’s Tracklist: 1. A Life In The Day of Benjamin Andre 2. I Can’t Wait 3. Roses 4. Behold A Lady 5. Party (Beyonce) 6. Sleazy 7. Throw Some D’s 8. Walk It Out 9. Green Light (John Legend) 10. Hey Ya!