Dont take this the wrong way but I usually date light skinned women.

Random Factoid: It was 84 years before Disney marketed an African American princess in 2009. The more you know…


As fellow site writer Dr. J wrote about in Fairy Tales: Lies Your Mother Told and as I wrote about in You Can’t Always Save the Damsel, made for cinema fairy tales mess women’s heads all the way up and everyone suffers. Unfortunately, women are not alone. Fairy tales mess men’s heads up in a similar, yet opposing fashion. There are a plethora of effects but I’m only going to cover three due to word limits and laziness.

1. Men feel they need prince status before they can secure a princess. If every movie you watched as a kid showed a prince acquiring a princess, at some point you’re going to internalize what qualities he possessed in order to obtain her. Men see this prince residing in his castle, surrounded by material goods, and women from all across the land fawning upon him in the hopes that they will be the chosen one. In slang terms, this guy is “balling out of control” and there is no shortage of “groupies.”

Men see this and assume they have to possess the same status and material wealth if they ever hope to find a princess. If he fails to do so, it fosters insecurity in himself and spite for the women he believes require this of him. Ironically, this goes against the thought process of (most) women. While women want a “prince,” most are perfectly content being with a man they believe has prince-like qualities. However, if the man cannot overcome his perceived shortcomings, he will often pass up the very woman he could already possess because he believes he is not good enough for her, yet. This is known as the “I’m not ready for a serious relationship” phase.

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2. Men feel they can do whatever they want for however long they feel like doing it. A common theme between all these prince and princess movies is the prince randomly shows up whenever the hell he feels like it, puts a ring on it (no Beyonce) and everyone in the village rejoices. There is rarely a back-story detailing exactly what the prince was doing all those years before he decided to commit.

We know the story of the princess, because she is often described as sitting around waiting on the prince or in the case of Cinderella, sitting around the house in a do-rag cleaning up after her no-good, boy crazy sisters. Thank goodness for that Fairy God Mother or she wouldn’t have even made it to the ball to show off those magical red bottoms, I mean glass slippers.

Side note: Glass slippers can’t be comfortable. Even in the fairy tales, the woman is primping and preening herself and forcing her foot into some uncomfortable shoes for some man she hasn’t even met. Funny. Moving on…

The point is while women tend to focus on the happy ending where the underrated woman met her prince, men focus on the idea that they can essentially find a princess whenever they feel like it or one will come conveniently stumbling into his field of view, looking and presenting themselves for him no less, right along with all the other desperate village women, all in an effort to impress him.

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3. Men feel entitled to a princess and settling for anything less is an abject failure. I can’t speak for women but I truly believe a lot of men don’t settle down and/or are not faithful to their significant other because they believe they can do better, even if all evidence points to the contrary. And who can blame them?!?

No fairy tale ends with the prince passing up the princess to get with the regular girl that held him down before he had the castle, the fame, and all the people of the land chanting his name. Aladdin didn’t interrupt Princess Jasmine to say, “I’ma let you finish but regardless of what you’re talking about, I’m going to end up kicking it with Jasminiqua from the Block. She had my back when I was poor and genie-less.” Sorry, fairy tales don’t end that way.

In fact, Jasminiqua from the Block doesn’t even get honorable mention for holding Aladdin down when all he owned was an apple stealing monkey. Second place is nothing more than a first place loser. As a result, men feel like failures if they don’t end up with Princesses.


Fellas, do you or anyone you know fall into these categories? Do you believe childhood films have had an effect on your perception of women, dating, and Jesus no, Love?

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Ladies, we often hear of the “detrimental” effects fairy tales have on the psyche of women but what about men? Have you met a man that falls into these categories? Are there other areas that fairy tales, and their sinister cousins, ‘romantic comedies’ have negatively influenced the men you have dated? Do these types of films set us all up for unrealistic expecations for Love and relationships as adults?