How Real Is That!

Any type of relationship has its challenges. Whether its personal or professional, you know how to separate the frivolous relationships from the pertinent ones. The easiest question to ask is “how?”. How do I know this friendship isn’t a swindle? How can I tell whether my boss cares about my career path or is a snake in the grass? How committed is this (wo)man to my happiness? Well, the Mary J Blige of Hip Hop himself Drake, along with the champion of overweight achievement Rick Ross have an idea:

Tat my name on you so I know its real…

When I first heard this track, I could tell it was a “throw away” track or better yet, a fun track that you do just because. I didn’t see the meme that was forming in front of us. Soon, all over Twitter, Facebook, and social media, we saw some hilarious examples of how people could profess their realism. I’ll share some of those with you today;

Pay my Sallie Mae loan, #soiknowitsreal
If this isn’t love, I’ll never know its definition! Student loans are the bane of our existence. J Cole name drops Sallie Mae more times than Jayceon does Dr. Dre! Federal Loans are more manageable, but them private loans?! Man Listen… To pay this bill, and alleviate me from the pit of despair, would be phenomenal. Women would make their box available at the drop of a dime. It doesn’t even matter if you own a time share in the Friend Zone! Now that’s love!

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Feed me while I drive after we leave the drive though, #soiknowitsreal
This may seem trivial, and those women who are basic in nature may not see the importance, but this feels good. When you drive to your local food chain and pick up a economical meal from the struggle menu, it makes a brotha hungry! That you would feed me while I drive, instead of pounding your grub while my stomach bellows like an ork from Lord of The Rings, is selfish and foul. Pass them fries to me baby, and ill take care of your buns when we get home *Larenz Tate voice*

Send your a/s/l, #soiknowitsreal
Back in the AOL chat, Blackplanet, and early Myspace days, this was the epitome of revealing realism. Once you answered to that, you could send the followup picture request/aim name combo! Of course that 21/F/NYC could actually be a 15/m/Omaha but that’s neither here nor there. I still have to salute the predecessor to knowing when its real.

Unlock your twitter page, #soiknowitsreal
Stop actin like the feds are watching you 24/7. Y’all blocking your Twitter page and claiming job reasons. My question is why put your real info on Twitter? You do know a RT from a public user of one of your tweets will be seen right? Smh. Ladies, how can we properly lurk if you got that lock next to your picture? See? Messes it up for everyone.

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Realism isn’t always clear to see, but we all have a general barometer which with to gauge said realism. So I ask you, SBMNation: how can someone show how real they are to you? Use the hashtags accordingly!

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