Men always talk about what women can do to please them. We make it simple yet we have a laundry list of demands. Women say we are simple, and at times they are correct, but there’s a rhyme and reason to the things we demand. So I decided to list a few ways in which women can keep us happy. Check it out:

Feed Us

The old adage “The way to a man’s heart is throuhg his stomach” is 100% accurate. Men love food. I’m pretty sure it’s a basic function of the male composition, but don’t quote me on that. A woman who can cook is a treasure to a man. No dude wants to be eating ramen noodles and struggle butter sandwiches with cheese forever! Food should be made with love. We remember the home cooked meals our Moms(and Dads too) cooked, so we want to refresh those memories with every bite. This doesn’t just extend to preparing meals either. Knowing our tastes, our favorite foods and eateries, and when to experiment or not goes a long way in having a man appreciate you.

Know When to Fold ‘Em

We all have different stresses in our lives. And though men and women’s stress types are different, we sometimes forget that we can’t always understand the other side. There are some things men don’t understand about women’s struggle and vice versa. Ladies, what we ask of you is to know which battles to choose. Many men, wish death upon me would rather tune out frivilous nagging, and in turn might overlook the real important issue you have with them. Every battle can’t be won, but the important ones to you are attainable if you just chill with some of the nitpicking.

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Look Like Who You Was ‘Fore We Got Here

There’s no greater tragedy in a world than a woman who shuts down her sex appeal like a first place team coasting to the playoffs. I’m not saying you have to be runway model fly 24/7, but when we are used to a certain standard and there’s a dropoff in quality of appearance afterwards, its disappointing. To clarify, if you dressed up for special occasions, always looked done-up when you went out, and now its #AllSweatsEverything, we will notice and it’s disappointing. I also hate when women let themselves go, as if “I got a man and I don’t need to upkeep anymore” is the way of the future. Trust, if you check my ebook out, you’ll read that I demand the SAME of men also! Let’s look good and present ourselves well together and stay on point!

Eff Us..With Enthusiasm

Allow me to state the obvious: Men love sex. This is no illuminati secret or anything. I’m sure there are studies that sex leads to a happier home, and if there isn’t, there needs to be! Seriously, we like to be pleased in all aspects of physical expressions of love. Sometimes, after a hard day, we don’t want to discuss life, or think about responsibilities. We just want a steak and some head! Sometimes we want to make love and sometimes we want to slut you out. Time and place for everything and the woman who deciphers her man in this regard is a national trasure.

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The Fifth One Is on You!

This one I’ll leave up to you to decide. Men and women alike, do you have a point to provide. Let us know!

Ladies, I got you next week with “5 things men need to do to keep women  happy” and yes I will go in! In fact, ladies, go to the SBM Facebook page and our Twitter and let us know some things men can do to keep you happy, and I’ll use those and my own.

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