That Sh*t CRAY!!!

They should’ve never gave some of you people twitter. Yea, I said you people. Some of the things I see you humanoids do amaze me. Nothing crazier than the other night. It seems we were witness to a domestic quarrel featuring two ex lovers. Apparently, a dudes ex girl said some unfavorable things to him ( telling people he was gay, wack, etc.) and he proceeded to air her out like those boys from Tuskegee. He leaked nude photos AND video of the two of them, to teach her a lesson. While it provided some great eye candy and entertainment, this also served as the perfect lesson for dudes everywhere. Never air out your ex in that manner, because you end up looking more bad than cool, and I’ll explain why:

First off, if you are calling this woman all types of sluts and hoes, and you are letting the Internet know to prove a point, how do you think that makes you look? You inadvertently make yourself look like a simp, because you “made a grimy chick your girl” and she got you angry enough to show out to a community of individuals you don’t know.

Let’s be real: the over the top reactions to a bad situation are always associated with women!

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Women will bust windows out your car, bleach your clothes, light your crib on fire, castrate you, amongst other traits. Yes I’m generalizing, but walk with me. Men usually keep their cool, or at worst curse a woman out. Leaking nudes of a former girlfriend makes you look more like a woman than her! You can drop embarrassing quotes and argue if you want, but when you go that next level that’s just showing that someone who you cared about at one point got to you so much that you went to the extreme.

If other women see that you can do this to a former lover, don’t you think they will be wary of you? Women would always be on guard, and could never trust you with those little mementos at all for fear of future retaliation. Trust when I say word travels fast. Women ask for a man’s carfax just as much as men ask, and this can be a huge blemish for you. Now if you don’t care, then live with the decisions you make, and stock up on lotion and hand grips…

I personally could never go to that level with an ex because I’d be fearful of any sensitive info she would have on me! If you don’t think she’s taken sneak pictures of you, or made mental notes of all those characteristics that you wouldn’t want us to know, you’re bugging. You know why? That’s easy. It’s because:

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Women are born private eyes and lawyers.

Nah, that can’t be me on that Summer Jam screen. In this example, the ex girlfriend had snapshots of text conversations where he professed his love for her! I mean it’s not as bad as naked pics, but it still makes you look like you’re putting on a show. You gotta be careful out here.

Exes are a part of your history. We all have exes who we wish we never met. Random jump offs are a different story. However, if you did care for them at one point, you can’t air ’em out like that. The reward is not worth the risk. Words are one thing. Pictures and video? Chill. Too much risk for self exposure and slander of others.

This is the same as those Facebook status wars, away message subliminals, and every other form of social media thuggin on exes. Airing out exes on social media is like eating 2 gallons of Pralines ‘n Cream Ice Cream. What temporary satisfaction you feel after indulging, will soon dissipate over time and the pain is not worth the trouble. Whether people want to believe it or not, people will always talk bad about any man or woman who slanders an ex on social media. Remember, the same people you front for on the net will be the same ones ready to clown you.

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Has an ex ever got you so upset that you went off on your favorite social network? What did you say/do? What do you consider stepping over the line vs. fair slander?