Today’s Post is a part of the Engaged Black Male Series. Now that I’m engaged (yeah … no more Single in the name) life is different.  This series takes you into the mind of a Black Man preparing for Marriage and all that it entails.  Enjoy!


SBM Bachelor Party: A celebration of life!

I’m weird.

Not crazy “Don’t talk to that n-bomb” weird … just about certain things.  But for real … so is everyone else.

Sometimes, all I want to do with a blog post is expose myself a little more (pause).  Put a little more of me out there for public consumption in the hopes that I magically connect with someone else who realizes … they feel me.

Every once in awhile I sit and reflect.  I think about those random things I like or hate … things that make me … me.  My Quirks.  Today, you get the EBM version, the SBM versions were here, here and here though.

I don’t need my parents at my wedding.

I’m surprised how odd this is to people.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents.  They are still in my life, still supportive of me, and still celebrate my successes.  A lot of what I do in life is so I can make sure I can give them a comfortable life as they age. BUT … I don’t need them at the wedding. I don’t need any suggestions, criticisms, or anything that will distract me from the latest addition to the family.  I would love them to be there, but I’m not crying if they aren’t trying to make the 25 hour flight to the Greek Isle (which is where the wedding would be if I had my way!)

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I don’t need to be congratulated … just doing what I had planned to do.

I know … it’s a joyous occasion.  I’m getting married, people are happy, ladies are crying and all that nonsense.  But for me … I planned to get married years ago and this is just the next step in my life.  I’m happy and looking forward to it, but please stop.  The attention was nice for the first week, but let’s move on people …

I want my bachelor party to be bigger than my wedding.

I am dead ass serious.  A wedding is an intimate ceremony where two people go through a process that results in a new union.  It should really be focused on them two and no one else really.

A bachelor party … ssssshhhhhhiiiiiiiiit.  That’s a party.  Everyone I ever knew, went to school with, worked with, shared a drink with needs to come out and send me off in style.  I get one last chance to go hard before I have to consider someone else in every decision I make for the rest of my life.  A bachelor party is a celebration of life … just so happens that titties are needed to remind me how great life is.

I’m not wearing pink … or salmon … or teal … or …

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Wedding isn’t for me, I get that.  But can I at least ensure that I am not forever captured with a pink vest on?  Funny thing … I wear pink, salmon, and teal … but it’s different when I have to show my kids the pictures for years and years.

Quirks are anything that you like or hate … that you think most other people won’t agree with you … but who cares.  Some more examples:

– Men not dating women who don’t own smartphones
– Women refusing to date a guy who won’t wear sneakers
– Men refusing to date a Delta … because they are crazy

My quirks … crazy or make sense?  Your quirks … what are they?

SBM aka Making it rain with a wedding ring on aka “Yes … I rented out the entire city of Magic”