Trust ... he is not thinking "I'm gonna marry this girl"

I always knew I would get married.

But Jay lied to you.  I didn’t see her across a room and think “I’m going to marry that”.  I did not envision our kids before I knew her name.  Marriage was the furthest thing from my mind …

90% of men are slowly drug into marriage, usually fighting the urge until it becomes too hard to ignore. And at that point, we give into a secret desire to get out the game.

Let me break it down …

Damn, look at all that ass

When we first meet a girl, we think about what she looks like naked, does she give head, and how good the dugout will be.  It’s not wrong, it’s nature.  I’m talking to you because there is an attraction … in my pants.

Wow … she’s not a chicken head

This moment might come from the first conversation, the first date, or after I’ve already put your legs over my shoulders and given you “the privilege”.  At some point, we start to think that you could be worth more than good beats. This is a key turning point, because the time we spend with you might not just be focused on how to get you back to the spot.

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Yeah … I’m OK with having a girlfriend … maybe you, maybe that chic behind you

This could be the first thing we think or it could happen after date 15.  A man is not going to get a girlfriend unless he has personally decided “I am open to having a girlfriend”.  ***Important*** This does not mean: “I want a girlfriend” or “I am looking for a girlfriend”.  All it means is “I do not hate the thought of having a girlfriend”. Fact is, men know whether or not they are willing to put up with the BS that having a girl entails (yeah sure … there is some good stuff too). They have to be open for a woman to ever make that jump.

I want YOU!

At some point you’re spending all this time together. At some point the head game is so on point, we start thinking it’s going to be hard to find better. At some point we are willing to give up all the other women out there (or at least run the risk of getting stabbed when caught sleeping with them) in order to be with one woman.  I wish I could explain how we know, how to help us know, or what the checklist is … but I can’t. As a man, you know, and then you do something about it.

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Man … I’m getting soft

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t the best boyfriend in the past.  At the end of the day, I was going to do what I wanted and either you were on board or not. This last time … it was different.  We stop going out as much.  We want that person around me more and more.  Personally, I started buying random gifts (maybe even a plane ticket n sh*).  I was literally turning into a simp for my girl (I know … sad sh*). Worst part, I was OK with it.

Life without you would suck

This final stage was when we realize we don’t want to live a life without this person.  Up until this point, if the person had to be dropped, we can get over it.  Now, you might be all kinds of f****d up.  More importantly, you can’t think of any reason to leave the person if you tried.  It really just feels like this person is supposed to be around until you get old. And then … then we know …


No any two men’s story is the same. But any man who says “I knew the first day I saw here I would marry her” was rolling on e at the time.

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SBM aka “Yes, I first fell in love with your ass” aka “HA!”