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Today of three those writers, WisdomIsMisery, Dr. J and Mr. Spradley share five tips for ensuring your significant has a great Christmas.

1. WisdomIsMisery: I’ve already written about gift ideas for men. Today I will share my secret for how I conquer the daunting task of shopping for women during the holiday season. I have a notoriously bad memory, but I’m a great gift giver. If you follow me on Twitter, then you already know I am never without my phone. I use this to my advantage.

Whenever I’m with a special lady friend, I am always conscious of little comments she makes about gifts she has gotten in the past or would like to get in the future. The longer I know her the better. Throughout the year I plug this information into my phone so that by the time her birthday or Christmas rolls around I have a list of gift ideas to choose from. All of which are unique and tailored to her desires. I’ll usually combine a few related gifts to let her know I’ve been paying attention all year when she thought I was ignoring her.

However, if you’re late to the party, e.g. like most men you waited until December to even think about Christmas, you can still turn the game around. All you have to do is take your significant other to the mall and pay attention. While she is running around trying on outfits and pointing out crap the things she likes in various stores take a mental notes of a few different items and return later to purchase them without her. That way she has told you what she wants without telling you what she wants since we all know women want men to be psychic anyway. She’ll be so surprised she might even cry and will probably let you unwrap her for your thoughtful, sensitive ways.

2. Mr. Spradley: Wis shared a lot of great tips. Me, I follow one rule when it comes to shopping for the holidays: buy guilty pleasures. When I think about Christmas gift giving, I think about that magical feeling I had as a kid opening each present wondering what’s next. The presents that gave me the most joy weren’t the ones that were all thought out and heartwarming, the presents that gave me the most joy were the ones I was going to enjoy the most throughout the year. We spend so much of our time being frugal, penny pinching and trying to be responsible; for me Christmas is the one time of year where you go all out for the people you care about and get them something they’d really love, but would probably never buy themselves.

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Now, if you’re going to buy a woman a guilty pleasure, there’s one place you can’t go wrong – in a word: Purses. I’ve been all over the world and I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t love purses. Purses are to the discerning woman what watches are to the discerning man. Even if your woman isn’t the type who gets all into name brand this and name brand that, I’m quite sure she’ll make an exception for a really good classic purse. If you’re shopping for purses there are a couple that almost every woman loves and every woman wants to have in her collection regardless of her style. I want to highlight those here today. Let’s go.

A: Louis Vuitton Speedy:


The Louis Vuitton Speedy retails around $800.00. A pretty penny for a purse, but it’s the sort of bag that will never go out of style and will always get use. It’s super functional so she can be comfortable wearing it Monday through Thursday for work, and she can wear it Friday through Sunday for play. Even if you have the type of woman who never spends more than $40.00 on a bag she’ll love you and appreciate you if you buy her a Louis Vuitton Speedy. It’s almost a can’t miss. In the picture you see the various colors it comes in, if you have a woman that’s not into name brands, go with one of the solid colors – of those, my favorite is the black. If she doesn’t mind a brand print here or there, my personal favorite of them all is the Damier print directly in the center

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B. Chanel Clutch

Can't Miss

We’re not going to talk about price when it comes to this bag because that would be a bit uncivilized. Here’s all you need to know about the Chanel Clutch: She will have it forever. A classic Chanel Clutch is the sort of thing a mother will give to her daughter when she’s old an no longer has any use for it. It’s the sort of bag that is inter-generational. I know if you go google the price of it y’all are going to come back and tell me I’m crazy – but – hey if you love the woman, why not get her something that will last a lifetime. In terms of usage, like the LV Speedy referenced above, it’s super functional and multi-purpose. In the picture on the side you see the ever-stylish Rihanna rocking one extra casual with a pair of harem pants, but it can also be worn with the most elegant evening dress your woman has in her closet. It’s expensive, I know, but you really can’t go wrong with a classic Chanel Clutch.


3. Dr. J: Please let my contributions to this list, include:

To all the fellas out there with ladies to impress, it’s easy to do just follow these steps:
1. Cut a hole in a box
2. Put your junk in that box
3. Make her open the box, and that’s the way you do it!

4. Mr. Spradley: Hard to top a d*** in a box (see what I did there) so I’m just gonna go head and move on to my next suggestion. A lot of you all may not quite be at the point of buying your woman expensive purses. Maybe that’s just not how she rolls in terms of fashion and style or maybe y’all haven’t yet reached the point in your relationship where you’re spending that kind of dough on each other. If that’s you, and if you’re trying to stay anywhere from $50.00 to $500 range, then I would suggest you get her a few smaller presents that combine both the thoughtfulness of WIS’ sentiments above, and my guilty pleasure theory.  With these suggestions, you just start with one and keep adding on till you feel like you’ve got enough stuff to make her Christmas special.

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Start with perfume. Most women have a favorite scent and most women happen to be running out of it right around Christmas time. Nothing says I love you – so much so that I notice the way you smell – like buying her a bottle of her favorite perfume. It’s easy, relatively inexpensive, very useful, and thoughtful at the same time.

Gift certificates to wherever she gets her monthly maintenance done. This is the rare exception where buying a gift certificate is totally acceptable. You notice how your woman always looks ravishing right? Her eyebrows are always plucked, her hair is always done, she keeps a fresh mani-pedi and the lawn is always mowed. All that takes effort and money and most women go to different places to get all of this stuff done. One extremely thoughtful and inexpensive gift idea (that goes great with her favorite bottle of perfume) is to just go around to all the places your woman has to go each month and buy her gift certificates those places. All told it’ll probably run you anywhere from $100.00 to $500.00 depending on how high maintenance your woman is. The best part about it is, you can stop when you feel like you’ve reached your budget limit. It’s an easy gift and she’ll love you for it. If you don’t know the places, just ask her best friend or sister as women usually share this sort of information with each other.

Ok… enough giving away all my secrets. You ninjas is on your own from here.

See, everyone wins!

Those are our tips. What are some memorable gifts men/women have gotten you over the years? Do you prefer a thoughtful gift like WIS suggests for a guilty pleasure as Most suggests. Have any tips you would like to share so the men and women can make that special someone in their lives happy for 24 hours this Christmas? Ladies, how ’bout y’all just tell us what you want. Share what you’re hoping your boo gets you for Christmas.

Lastly, the time is finally here: Next Friday – Holiday Happy Hour at the Empire Room in the Empire State Building from 6-10pm. Be there or be square! (Always wanted to say that.)