After one of the more exciting NFL seasons we’ve seen in a long while, this Sunday is the day – one of the most important Sundays of the year: Super Bowl Sunday. As you might imagine the SBM staff is looking forward to this momentous occasion (albeit, some of us are more excited than others) and we couldn’t let the moment pass without sharing with you all our Super Bowl predictions. Let’s jump right in.

StreetzGiants Fan

I ripped Coughlin when they faded in 09 and 10. Ripped Eli too. They shocked me in 07 and they’re shocking me now. Not because I didn’t think they could do it, but because all their weak points got stronger as the playoffs progressed. They’ve been playing with a playoff mindset since week 16. They’ve faced stronger comp as the NFC >> the AFC. Still, I respect Brady and Bellicheck too much to call this a blowout. People are sleeping a little on both teams actually.

My money is on the Giants to make the play that counts to win this game. Whether it’s a last second score or a last second stop. The defense shows out in this game. Brady goes 0-2 vs the NY Giants, and Coughlin and Eli knock on the door of the Hall of Fame. Manning or JPP for MVP.

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Giants 27 – Pats 20

The Mighty Most – Die Hard Giants Fan

As a native New Yorker and die-hard Giants fan since birth, you all know I gotta go with my guys. One things I’d like to point out is that everyone seems to be saying that Tom Brady and Bill Bellichick have a deeper motivation to win as they’re looking to avenge the loss from four years ago. I disagree. I think Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin have more to play for as both coach and player are currently on the cusp of having Hall of Fame quality credentials. Another Super Bowl win for the two of them and it becomes hard to keep them out of Canton. If that ain’t motivation, I don’t know what is.

In terms of the actual game – any analyst you listen to is going to tell you that the key to the game is the Giants front four getting pressure on Tom Brady. While this is true, I’d take it a step further and say that the Giants need to get pressure up the middle on Brady. Brady used to be a stand in one spot kind of guy. This year he’s shown vast improvement in being able to meanuver latterly in the pocket while maintaining balance and that allows him to still make accurate throws. Pressure from the outside that doesn’t lead to a sack will be ineffective for the Giants. We need to get pressure up the middle, that will force Brady to actually move off his spot – after that he’s inaccurate.

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Predicted Score: Giants 30 – Patriots 27

Wisdom Is Misery – Cowboys Fan

I hope both teams lose, badly. In default, they award the Lombardi trophy to a Pimp Named Slickback. I also hope Madonna doesn’t have a wardrobe malfunction because no one wants to see that tragedy unfold. Go Cowboys!

Dr. Jay – Die Hard Niners Fan

Dr. J is a Niners fan. He declined invitation to participate in this interview.

Slim Jackson – Giants All Day

Back when the Giants won the last chip, I was lucky enough to be in Boston at a house party full of Patriot fans. Nothing was better than to drink the tears of everybody in that room when Big Blue hoisted the trophy. Great win and even better electrolyte consumption for yours truly.

I’ve doubted the Giants at times this year, and Eli still makes me nervous on long throws. But I’m putting my money on NYG. Not just because they’re my team, but because they’re on a roll and keep getting better. Final score? I don’t care. I just want them to win! And because Streetz harassed me on a list serve prior to this post going up, my arbitrary predicted score:

Giants 28.2 –  Patriots 23.6

So there you have it folks, our SBM predictions. What plans do you guys have for Super Bowl Sunday and more importantly, who do you all think will win?