In other news… Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are engaged.

And now for unsolicited Dr. J thoughts…

This goes to show you what you can do when you stop worrying about what people think about you and go out there and just achieve. If Amber listened to everybody who was a hater in her life, she’d still be on that pole. Amber did alright for herself. Most of the women reading this right now won’t ever be able to say they dated two dudes of Kanye and Wiz’s stature. In my opinion, Amber Rose should write a book and explain how she did this. I took the liberty of taking down a few notes and thought I’d share:

  1. Shave your head.
  2. Get butt naked.
  3. Get you a digital camera, take some pictures while being butt naked.
  4. Get you a super rich man with emotional issues.
  5. Make super rich man with emotional issues break up with you and make an album, twitter rant and movie about you.
  6. Get you a digital camera, take some pictures while being butt naked.
  7. Always have a look on your face like you are disgusting in bed, but it’s freaking awesome.
  8. Get you a not so rich man, who knows that your ex is probably better than him. Lord knows, ain’t nothing more important to a man’s self-esteem than thinking he stole a man’s girl (that’s probably better than him) and he’s now the man.
  9. Stop talking so much, don’t stress him out, show him some of those tricks you learned along the way and fade into darkness.
  10. Say yes, when he asks you to marry him.
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More important is Wiz. Let’s be honest with ourselves, Wiz won. I know a lot of people kept saying that Kanye was still smashing, but you know what counts, that Wiz was smashing too. Now, Wiz put a ring on it. He came up from being an underground rapper who’s material consisted of mainly talking about marijuana to being a mainstream rapper who’s material consists of mainly talking about marijuana. He has a bootiful fiancée now, cheers to him. My bad, put one in the air for him.

What are y’all thoughts? Is this a case of [loose women with high dreams] be winning? Or is it a case of lame dudes be winning? Are you happy for them? Go ahead and lie and say you are even though you about to use this as a reason to get on a soapbox and say, “Good girls have it bad, they never win!”

This right here is dedicated to Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose.

“But Wiz, do she got some friends?” – In my Juicy J voice.

– Dr. J