Growing up, I was fortunate to have positive male influences. They taught me many lessons, with one of the most important being, “use your resources.” Often, we have connections and do not even utilize them. I think about all the subject matter experts I know in fields like music, fitness, sports, and finance, and I realize that I don’t go to them often enough for assistance. As men, we have specific interests and needs, but our egos won’t let us ask for help. You have no more need to stunt fellas, because Dr. J and I have put together a comprehensive list of some of our favorite books, websites, and periodicals where we get useful info and tips on how to #BeBetter. So without further adieu, we present the SBM Men’s Goto Guide 2012!

Mens Health Magazine

As many readers know, weight and cardio training are my anti-drug. Once I committed myself to health education and maintaining a fit lifestyle, I needed to stay up to date on the fitness, health and nutritional info. This magazine has everything tailored for men, from food tips, weight training regimens, cardio tips, doctors recommendations, and everything else men related.  It’s a great look if you like to be educated on these topics and find cool and exciting things to do from a fitness and lifestyle point of view.

The 48 Laws of Power

Dr. J
This book changed my life.  Robert Greene couldn’t have written a more pertinent book to the 21st Century man.  My best advice would be to purchase this book, read it immediately and annually.  The 45th Law is my favorite, “Preach the need for change, but never reform too much at once.” In my association with organizations and politics,I’ve always preached this. This probably also explains why many of my friends tab me as conservative.  I believe in change, but just don’t think it comes overnight. I learned this and many other valuable lessons in this book.  Pick up a copy today.

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I couldn’t agree with J more. This book was an eye opener to say the least. It confirmed some thoughts about the world which I already knew, and educated me on the ulterior motives of others. It also showed me how to use my natural talents and confidence in order to succeed. One of my favorite law is #48: Assume Formlessness. It’s something that I did naturally and refined after reading this book. What a resource!

Everyday Food: Great Food Fast by Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Dr J.
It’s hard out there for a pimp, but your folks didn’t raise no fool.  Always be able to cook for yourself.  An everyday cookbook is a great addition to the shelf because it’s filled with easy recipes that will put good food in your stomach.  It might impress some of the women you date too.  If your lady is living with you and doesn’t know how to cook, she can learn from the book.  I would recommend this book, just cause it’s sectioned in a way that makes it really easy to find a good idea.


Dr J.
Most men keep their head down so much sometimes they look up and everybody has on Creative Rec’s and they’re still rocking Tims to the club.  Reading GQ will not only give you fashion tips, but just style and etiquette tips too.  As men, we need that in our lives.  The other thing that GQ does really well is it spotlights the great men of our time.  Reading their cover page articles are always a value add.  You can pick up a few tips from some other men you don’t have the liberty of knowing personally.

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I have a subscription to this as well. I’m no where near a fashionista, but this magazine helps me to hone my skill. It helped to develop my own fashion and make it grown. It gave me the resources to find those keys items to make your professional or leisure outfit complete. They also have behavioral tips as well. Everything from social interaction, to legal advice, to great interviews with both everyday men and your favorite celebrities. GQ definitely has been a great investment.

Wikipedia & Google

Dr J.
Have you ever been at lunch with friends and someone said, “Our organization resembles the Byzantine empire,” and you didn’t have a clue what they were talking about?  Type your question into Google or Wiki it. My phone has Wikipedia saved as a bookmark.  I’ll be perfectly honest with you, I may be a doctor on the internet, but I don’t know everything.  Took me awhile to figure that out, but now that I did i’m better for it.  You can pretty much type any question into Google and get an answer, use it.  Nothing is worse than that dude who is always asking someone to explain something they can find out on their own.

The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall St. Journal, and other periodicals
Knowledge is power. Pertinent knowledge is necessary. I’ve found the information in articles of these newspaper’s caliber to be interesting, informative, and sophisticated. It’s important for any man to keep up with current events, so that you don’t repeat the mistakes of yesteryear. There was a reason why teachers told me to get articles from these sources instead of places like the NY Post. Now, as an adult, I appreciate it immensely.

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Gilt Groupe
For the men who have to dress in business casual or professional, or if you just need that right outfit for a future event, this site is a must in your repertoire. High brand items at affordable prices? You can’t beat that. Get on their newsletter, check it out from time to time, and you will find a bunch of hidden gems.

*BONUS* Cinemax After Dark
Because every man needs a glorified titty and horribly scripted scenes of lust to clear the mind and prepare for the challenges of the love below.

These resources, along with others, are great assets for any man. We are all macho types and act like we can ask for help, but here at SBM, we strive to be the source for black male perspective. We also strive to be a resource for men to #BeBetter. Let’s help out today. Fellas – what resources would you offer to men to help them in our daily struggle? Good books, websites, etc are all appreciated. Ladies, what do you feel are the best ways for a man to take advantage of these resources?  Hint: Gift ideas!

Streetz &
 Dr J.