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Only Idiots Can Be Reverse Racist

Reverse racism doesn’t exist. Now before I assume anyone who uses the term ‘reverse racism’ is an idiot (I’m being facetious. I have totally already assumed you’re an idiot.), I will first assume they don’t know the definition of racism. Today, let’s clearly establish the definition for our discussion so everyone is on the same page or at least we’re reading from the same book – which, as we learned before, does not mean it will not be misinterpreted by those lacking the reading comprehension of a 5th grader.

Merriam Webster Online Dictionary: Racism – noun.

1. A belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

2. Racial prejudice or discrimination.

Ok, now that we’re all misinterpreting the same page of the same book, let’s institute some basic parameters. Based on the above definition, reverse racism can only exist if some but not all of the following apply:

  • Only one race can be racist. This is wrong but like most things in life, you are entitled to your opinion. Some believe that racism cannot exist without power. I disagree because power is subjective. Is it based on wealth, position, population, etc? Either way, all of those things can be gained and removed, so I’m not sure power is an inherent characteristic. It is often a factor, whether it be perceived or genuine, but not the sole cause. In other words, there are those with wealth, position, and numbers in their favor who are not racist. In my opinion, it takes another step: will or in the face of racism, indifference.
  • One race is superior to all others. This would make definition #1 applicable. In theory, anyone who discriminates against this race is being a reverse racist. However, this doesn’t make sense, because the belief that one race is superior to all others is itself a racist belief. Thus, not only are you racist, you’re belief in reverse racism is now oxymoronic. More importantly, if you believe your race or the members of your race are superior, then how can anyone be racist towards you when you have already stated your supposed superiority? You cannot have your racist cake and eat it too, my friend.
  • As an added bonus, if America wasn’t so woefully ignorant of the rest of the world, we would all know that racism, discrimination, sexism and more occur beyond the four borders of the continental United States. Yet, I have only heard the inaccurate term ‘reverse racism’ used here in America. The public school system has failed us, again.
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As I said above, you are free to have your own opinions – even if they are incorrect. That’s one of the many beauties of being an American. However, I thought you should know how stupid you look to others while stating your inaccurate opinion in public. Fortunately for you, it is often spewed from behind the cloak of anonymity, because you’re afraid to stand behind your own words. I only somewhat blame you. PC America makes it impossible to have intelligent discussion about race, sex, religion or anything that might make anyone anywhere uncomfortable anymore. In this vacuum of intelligent debate, we’re left with the ignorant rants of men and women who troll the comment sections of pretty much every website, ever. SBM is not immune.

In closing, does racism exist? Yes, obviously. But, it is a trait afforded, unfortunately, to all races. There is no need to reverse that which is accessible to all and exercised by many people of varying skin melanin already. While I wouldn’t recommend arguing with anyone on-line, because, much like real life, when arguing with an idiot people from a distance might not be able to tell you two apart, please don’t use any variation of the term ‘reverse racism.’ If you believe they’re racist, just call them a racist and call it a day. Otherwise, you will definitely look like two idiots; especially if you use this idiotic term and neither party corrects the other, because then you are two idiots.

Moving on.

This Al Sharpton Guy

Do you seriously believe we want a dude with a perm representing us? (Kaczmarek/AP)

Thanks to the helpful folks over at CNN, I was “educated” on the fact that some people are tired of hearing about the Trayvon Martin case. Later that day CNN provided in depth analysis proving water still wet.

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That sucks, because I’m totally about to talk about the Trayvon Martin case right now, so if you’re one of those people, I thank you for reading to this point, but please skip this section and go directly to the comments to talk about the first half of this write-up. Your patronage is appreciated. Much obliged, WisdomIsMisery.

How can I put this nicely? The media is a joke – and not even a funny one. It’s interesting how the media has focused almost entirely on the racial aspect of the Trayvon Martin case. Obviously, there are racial undertones, only a fool or FoxNews would debate otherwise, but they have taken the undertone and made it the headliner. I’ve already ranted about this, so I won’t repeat myself.

I will simply add that it’s disappointing that so many people have readily jumped on this bandwagon of red meat. For awhile, I thought America was deteriorating in race relations based on the hate-filled comments left on pretty much any Trayvon Martin story (among any other story that has to deal with race). Then, I realized two things: 1) Had anything really changed before or after this case or were more people simply vocalizing what they already thought anyway? 2) What is the likely demographic (race, income, education) of people who have the time to sit around all day spewing venomous hate about another sex, race, or religion while the rest of us work?

You can answer these questions yourself. My answers aren’t important. However, one question that I saw any number of people ask in these comment threads that doesn’t make sense is some variation of the phrase, “Why won’t Al Sharpton shut up?

Let’s be clear, I don’t like Al Sharpton myself. At this point in his career, I feel he is a grand stander; speaks only when it serves his own agenda – whatever that may be, although it seems to revolve around keeping his name in the news; is a lightning rod for making questionably racist issues completely about race – right, wrong, or indifferent. That said, I understand perfectly well why Al Sharpton speaks on the select occasions he chooses to speak out. It goes largely unspoken but we all know why. Al Sharpton speaks because if he didn’t, who would? If the media fairly covered all stories, not just the ones about race, sex, or stereotypes, we wouldn’t need to have this debate. We all know it’s true. As a Newsweek journalist whose name escapes me said, “The news doesn’t cover all the planes that land safely.” Good news, as far as the media is concerned, is not news.

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Regardless of that fact, the origin of the question seems flawed. Instead of asking why Al Sharpton won’t shut up, why aren’t you asking why your elected (or in Al Sharpton’s case, self-appointed) officials aren’t speaking up? I find it vain to compare stories of tragedy to other stories of tragedy – like many commenters do – to find relative parallels. In fact, it actually says more about you and less about the story if you can only relate to tragedies that personally affect you. A tragedy is a tragedy, period; whereas, an eye for an eye merely leaves us blind.

Despite your opinions about Reverend Sharpton, whatever they may be, you cannot deny that he speaks his mind on issues he feels relevant to speak on. You can’t support the first amendment – the right to free speech – only when you agree with the speech made. It should either apply to all or none. Therefore, rather than trying to quiet Sharpton, shouldn’t you look for representatives to speak for causes you find important? You can also hold those already in a position where they are supposed to speak for your interests accountable. Further, and I don’t know if you’ve considered this, but there is nothing stopping this representative from being you.

Maybe it’s easier to be an armchair social media activist, logging in under various pseudonyms, and bitching about all that ails the world without making any meaningful effort to change that which ails you. That’ cool. Just do me one favor. Please don’t call anyone a ‘reverse racist.’