I recently got an email from the producer, Jay Ali, about a new web series called Black and Single. No, it’s not Steve Harvey pushing a new book or the New York Times riling us up for pageviews. It’s the humorous stories of a single black male and single black woman and their adventures in dating, playing the game, whatever you wanna call it. The two are meant for each other, but they don’t directly meet.

I’ve taken a look at both videos. They’re pretty funny and I’m sure many of the folks that visit SBM on the daily will be able to relate on some level. As we push the site forward, we want to make sure we’re bringing you content that puts the status quo in a headlock and gives it noogies. You remember noogies? I don’t. Body bags for the potential assailants.Ughn.

I see potential for this series to take off, despite the fact they don’t currently have a budget. So you’ll notice where some work can be done, but I think you’ll enjoy overall. Most great things start with an idea and a vision.

Please take a look and share your thoughts in the comments. Looking forward to the feedback! -Slim

Black and Single Episode 1: Oni Goes on a First Date with A Man That Seems to Good to Be true


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Black and Single Episode 2: Jessie Meets the New Office Bombshell and Runs into a Surprise