This is a start...

Larry is laying in bed next to his boo, Estefania, while she’s reading Essence. He looks at his Struggleberry’s calendar and realizes it’s been way too long since he last experienced the warmth within. Larry begins to reach for her thigh, but then has a stubborn male moment:

“Damn. Why do I always gotta touch her thigh to get things popping? It’d be nice if she’d reach over here for once and take the cucumber out the jar.”

Little does he know that Estefania stopped on the way home from work to get a Brazilian wax since she figured he’d probably be “hungry.” And though it looks like she’s reading her magazine, she’s actually thinking about Larry’s lack of effort:

“This negro hasn’t even tried to touch me. He saw me get out the bathtub, put the baby oil gel on my bottom, and slip into bed in just some shorts and a half tee. I only do that when I want some D-quil. I’ma give him 10 minutes to act, otherwise I’m takin’ my a$$ to sleep.”

**11 minutes go by**

Estefania: **Grits teeth and turns on side** Zzzzzz…
Larry: Grrrr. **Goes into the bathroom for a few minutes then comes back to bed feeling relieved, yet unsatisfied.**

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Morning time rolls around and they both wake up frustrated with each other. The only words uttered in the apartment that morning were “do you want some toast?” As soon as Estefania is out the door and into her 2-door Kia, she’s on the phone with her girl talking about how Larry ain’t showing her any attention even though they already discussed the 5 Love Languages book. Meanwhile, Larry can’t wait to get to his work computer and log into G-chat to tell his boy that the streak continues and he’s about to change his last name to Planters. Larry and Estefania proceed to chat during the day as if nothing’s wrong. But as soon as they get back to the crib, it’s on and not so popping.

Estefania: Sooo why haven’t you touched me lately? You used to always touch me. If we hadn’t went and got tested for STD’s together, I’d think you were trying to hide a herpes outbreak or something. What’s good?
Larry: I’m just tired of always having to touch you first. Sh*t. Why don’t you initiate something for once?
Estefania: You’re the man in this relationship. We been together long enough that you should know this by now.
Larry: Men like to feel wanted too you know.
Estefania: Baby, lack of confidence isn’t s*xy. Just thought I’d throw that out there so that we can be done with this and you can throw that (points to his piece) in here (points to her 98.6 degree pocket of love).
Larry to self:  If my confidence is down, then so shall be my piece.**Goes into bathroom for a few minutes then exits with a smile** Not tonight babe. Suddenly I don’t feel like it anymore.
Estefania: **Deep sighs and goes to the computer to google bullets and rabbits**

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As you can tell from this encounter, Larry and Estefania have a laundry list of work to do if they want their relationship to survive. I have my thoughts, but I want to know what you think. Is it a man’s responsibility to initiative sex the majority of the time? Should it be an equal opportunity and equal exchange? Has anyone else run into this or know someone that has? If your friend approached you and shared this story, how would you respond?

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