What’s up everyone? First, thanks to the team at SBM for the opportunity to talk to you. Second, I’m now your Personal Trainer. I’m here to help you with answers to health and fitness questions/concerns. Finally, before this turns into an emo podium speech…If you read, then you believe there is ALWAYS room to improve yourself and Be The Better™…you!


My first question to prospective clients: “What are your TOP 3 fitness goals?”

97.7% of the time, one of those 3 goals is…

Take This…


Cool -_- not a problem…

Here is the “BETTER” way to getting that abdominal transformation:

Full Body Movements/Resistance Training

You will not see your abs if you have a high percentage of Body Fat. PERIOD. You can decrease your Body Fat Percentage by Resistance Training. Therefore, Resistance Training will lead to visible abs… Makes sense don’t it?

A. You need to perform the right exercises (with the right amount of weight) which will engage your core as well. Light weights will not do the trick and neither will overbearing injury causing loads. Everyone is different and thus will require personally assessed weight thresholds.

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B. Compound movements/exercises like Squats, Deadlifts, Push-ups, and Pull-ups ARE GREAT FOR YOUR CORE! Don’t believe me? Get someone to palpate your stomach in the middle of a push-up. If your core isn’t engaged, I’ll give you a $1.

Core Stabilizing Movements

Exercises such as Forward Planks, Side Planks, Paloff Presses, Ab wheel, and others, are true to the nature (SAFE) of your abs, which is to STABILIZE. Building a strong-looking core starts here.

Dietary Adjustments

There is no way you’ll get that core you desire if you are not making any adjustments to your food/drink (yes including ALCOHOL) intake. Eat healthy and cut out the unnecessary/excessive calories. PERIOD.

Interval Training

Just about any form of  “cardio” training can be turned into Interval Training (Running, Swimming, Cycling, Jumping Rope, etc). For example, instead of running at a steady state/pace for 60mins, break that into a mixed ratio of Sprinting & Jogging for an allotted time (15-30mins for beginners, generally) and see that body fat start to decrease, and those abs start to peak.


How long has it been since you’ve had a six pack? 1, 2, maybe even 5 yrs? So what makes you think you can get back to where you were in only P90 days?!? (#Shots). Do it the safe way, not an INSANE way (#MORESHOTS). Stay consistent and PATIENT. You will get there! Remember just about anything that is worth it takes time.

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At this moment, you might ask “But B…where are SIT-UPs, Crunches, Side Bends, and those holding the weight in one hand and leaning towards that side thingy’s?!”

NO! NO! NO! These aren’t great go-to exercises for the core you want for a couple of reasons:

Spot Training  (specifically picking areas where you want to lose fat) DOES NOT WORK! You can do 1,000 CRUNCHES/SIDE-BENDS for the love handles or 1,000 SIT-UPS  a day, and you still might not get a six-pack. If you have a high percentage of body fat, your abs will still be covered with (you guessed it) fat!

Hypothetically speaking, lets say Sit-UPS work. However, you’ve always heard DON’T bend your lower back when lifting something because  you can hurt yourself (FACT). So why would you bend your lower back to do a sit up? The top of a sit-up puts a severe amount of stress on your spine, and surrounding nerves at it’s weakest point.

I use this analogy: Yeah you can get to the other side by running across the highway…but its your call to weigh the risk vs the reward.

Until next time band… #BeTheBetter

 -Mr. Be The Better™


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