Kanye West – He’s real as they come in Hip Hop, and we hate him for it. He just doesn’t know how to act, control his emotions, or behave at award shows.

Meek Mill – Yep, he went to jail. People in Philly actually know the work he put in. Problem is, because he’s a parolee and on probation, he can’t leave the country on his own World Tour.

Keyshia Cole – She even put her family on TV and revealed that sometimes it’s best that you keep your family business, private.

When you look at it, you really don’t want people to be real. You want them to be fake, but claiming to be real in the most believable story. That makes perfect sense… Imagine if we just listened to the music for what it is, entertainment. If you want to get a history lesson from Hip Hop, open a book. If you want a role model to emulate from Hip Hop, try a mentor.

Now, I’m going back to this Jeezy playlist. I’m out.

– Dr. J

PS – Teyana Taylor is not a damn virgin.