Cool story sis. *Control-C*

As you’ve seen by now, there’s a lot going on at SBM. We’re adding new writers, trying out new things with content, and striving to provide a myriad of perspective on topics we think you’d find interesting and useful. We’ve learned and grown a lot over the last year, which has brought us a completely new set of obstacles. For me, there is one in particular that grinds my gears:

People taking our content without permission and using it to build their own websites and readerships.

I’m learning every day that there are a ton of people entering the web game and looking to build their own empires of goodness. It’s admirable. It really is. I respect and support the hustles. However, I can’t help but feel impolitely robbed and cheated when I visit a budding website and discover it’s been populated with our content. And when I say content, I don’t mean a paragraph or two. I mean taking complete articles with titles and dropping a skidamarinky dinky link to us at the bottom. Ain’t nobody reading that footnote Otis!

Rather than writing a 2k tirade, I’ll provide you with four brief reasons this activates my inner hulk.