Editor’s Note: A few members of the SBM team have begun contributing their thoughts on dating and relationships to the popular website, Madame Noire. This week, I wrote a humourous post on why men send unwarranted pics of their manhood to women. Check it out and enjoy!

Since the advent of the Struggleberry, sexting has become prevalent in male/female communications. We have evolved from the “beep me 911” era, to emoticons and MMS messages filled with pictures, voice recordings, and other filthy treasures. Usually men will engage in such behaviour when they know a common interest exists, but some guys go the extra mile. They think outside of the box so that they can get inside of yours, ladies. So what will they do to change the game? They will send you pictures of their junk of course! Women have asked me for some time to explain why a man, who isn’t their boyfriend, husband, or even sleeping with them, would send them cock shots? Why would they choose to defile their iPhone screen with such temerity? I can think of three reasons men want to show women what they’re working with early and often:


I’ve never been accused of having “game”, but there are dudes who calculate their movements with women to the most minute details. There are also men who just don’t give a fcuk. Where these two mentalities converge is when we discuss package pics. When men get your number, and holla at you, they are trying to impress you, make you laugh, and ultimately unlock the gate to your box everlasting. According to their logic, one of the fastest and most impressive ways to get in a womans pants, is to show women what’s in theirs!  They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Why would men send a text that says “You tryna chill tonight?!”, when a picture of their meat can say all of that and more, right? Right?!

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