A lot happened in sports this past weekend. The USA won the overall  gold medal count in London, including wins for the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams. Andrew Luck and RGIII had successful debuts in preseason football. The “Honey Badger,” one of the nation’s best defensive players, was kicked off one of the best college football teams. AND Chad and Evelyn Ochocinco Johnson made TMZ very happy.

None of these overshadowed the ending of our national Dwightmare. The Orlando Magic mercifully ended months of speculation by trading Dwight Howard, their best player since Shaquille O’Neal, to the Los Angeles Lakers for the NBA equivalent of a bag of Chili Cheese Fritos and a pair of church socks. In the process, the Lakers become the next NBA superteam joining Howard with Kobe, Steve Nash, and Pau Gasol. We’ll get to the predictions of whether they can get past Oklahoma City and Miami closer to the season. For now, let’s breakdown the reaction to this trade by media writers and internet fanatics from a non-Laker fan’s perspective.

Lakers fans will be unbearable –

I agree. It had to hurt Lakers fans seeing their team fade from the national spotlight over the past two seasons. In that time, the Miami Heat became the NBA’s most talked about team and the Los Angeles Clippers became the most exciting team in Los Angeles.

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The tide shifted when the Lakers acquired Steve Nash and Dwight Howard via trade this offseason. Lakers fans again had their moment, and WOW did they take advantage.

I don’t know this guy. But I’m pretty sure he’s not affiliated with the Lakers organization. @TLN24 is not alone, though. Thousands of Lakers fans dusted off their keyboards and fired up the bandwagon about three months before the start of the season. I have a lot of friends who are Lakers fans. Let me warn you, fans of every other team, we haven’t seen anything yet.

Another “Superteam?!” Why did we have a lockout? –

Fair question, but think of it in terms of this hypothetical:

In the past season, Howard demanded a trade from Orlando with a list of places he wanted to be traded, re-signed with Orlando claiming loyalty (lol), reinstated his trade demand, then decided not to show face at his own summer basketball camp.

Think of Dwight Howard as a screaming toddler in the supermarket. When you see a kid crying in the candy aisle, do you blame the kid? Nope. Kids want candy, it’s in their job description. For Howard (and every all star player), they want the same thing: to play for championships. Howard was just acting out, and probably needs a nap.

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Ultimately, he got his candy (a trade to LA), but we shouldn’t blame him…we should blame the parents (Orlando Magic owners who gave in to his demand).

The lockout that delayed last season was, in part, an attempt by owners to keep star players from forcing their way to teams in marquee cities with other good players. The league adopted rules (focus on sections four and five) allowing a player to earn $25 million more by re-signing (versus joining another team in free agency), and Commissioner David Stern stepped in to veto a trade like this while reportedly under pressure from team owners in less-desireable “small markets.” It’s clear what the league wants: for players like Howard to stay with their teams and help foster a sense of competitive balance throughout the league. Howard still forced his way to a better team. That’s not his fault, it’s the league’s for creating a situation that players can manipulate.

The bottom line is, Howard acted like a spoiled brat. But you can’t be spoiled unless you get what you want, when you want it. Being mad about it ignores the culpability of the owners. All Non-Laker fans should unite and just be glad we’ll get more big time games this season. Hopefully Laker fans don’t make it too unbearable for the rest of us. At least we’ll always have this to laugh at. #NeverForget

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How do you feel, SBM Sports Fans? Are you upset that the rich seem to keep getting richer in the NBA? Do you think it matters? Is LA now the team to beat (over Miami and Oklahoma City) this season? Let me know in the comments below!