Happier times…

I would hope it goes without saying, but since nothing on the Internet goes without saying, I’m going to open this post by saying SBM does not condone domestic violence – by a man or a woman. In my opinion, no one within the confines of a relationship should ever put their hands (or head) on anyone – child, wife, or husband. Now, some members of the extended family do line step sometime, so you can cross that bridge as your own moral compass sees fit.

Honestly, I likely know less facts about the altercation between Chad ‘Ocho Cino’ Johnson and Evelyn Lozada than most people here. I don’t watch Basketball Wives and I’m not a fan or a hater of either Chad or Evelyn. However, like everyone else, I’ve been bombarded by the snippets of facts that have emerged so far. Today, Necole Bitchie shared Evelyn’s first public statement on the incident. On ESPN’s First Take, Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless share their thoughts. Skip Bayless also shares a new fact – Chad Johnson was accused of domestic battery and sentenced to probation and anger management in college.


From what we know so far, what are your thoughts on the Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada story? Is one or both to blame? Has the physical violence promoted by reality TV lead to this inevitably?

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Speak on it SBM family.

Editor’s Note: Updated August 08, 2012 1:55 EST: RadarOnline reports today that Evelyn Lozada will file for divorce: “In light of allegations of both domestic assault and a pre-marital affair, Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada is taking a strong stance against her estranged husband Chad”Ochocino” Johnson by filing for divorce after less than six weeks of marriage.”

Chad Johnson released a separate statement on his own website later in the day.

SBM, how does this new development change your opinion, if at all?