Jay Z and P Diddy Make it RainI always thought it was crazy that celebrities annual income are made public. Actually, all of that stuff is public record, however no one will care about Ricky from Compton and his 2 years of back taxes. We do seem to care about how much dough the stars hold. Do we care because we are using these athletes, politicians, and movie stars as a barometer for where we are in life, and aspire to make money like them? Do we secretly thrive on disdain and hatred towards those with the means that we lack, and we want to find a “valid” reason to lash back? The same way some have a thirst for gossip and reality tv, we crave knowledge about individuals in the spotlight, even if it’s really not any of our business.

We are quick to point out the Kim Kardashians, and Lolo Jones’s of the world who “don’t deserve the money they make” and “have no talent”. We hate that they are getting millions of dollars, endorsements, and notoriety, when we can’t point out their talent. I’m here to tell you that their talent is to be interesting and marketable. Yes Kim got famous off of a sex tape (that wasn’t made for distribution btw), and flipped that into a multi million dollar empire. She didn’t toil through years of school, student loans, and working her way through life in order to reap the benefit she has today. Yeah, Lolo Jones hasn’t really won anything, but companies like her look and appeal and want to hire her to make them more money. You know what Kim and Lolo have in common? They found a lane, stayed in it, and won multiple races.You can say they don’t deserve it or don’t have talent, but the talent they do have is the talent of monetary significance. They self-branded, and made who they are as people, lucrative. In other words, interest in them = $$ for them and those who they endorse. Everyone in this world isn’t blessed with Monetary Significance, and if you find it, you will be set. The more you try to discredit, the more they will make.

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Then we have people who will check others because of the donations made. What is our affinity with remaining in the pockets of strangers? I saw chatter all over the Internet about this Jay-Z charitable contributions “scandal”. So he and Beyonce (who gets lumped into this by marriage…Bey Stans stay OUT of my mentions please!) didn’t contribute much to Jay-Z’s foundation, yet they held concerts throughout the world cutting million dollar checks for other causes. My question to you the reader is simple: If he didn’t give a single red cent of his earnings to charity, why should we care?

This is America right? You have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Giving back to charity is not a must. The same people who criticize Mr. Carter for not donating or “giving back” are the same people who dig through their wallets & purses to find singles to give during tithe in church, instead of cutting 10%. How charitable are you? Why does it matter? I’ve personally seen Jay and others give back to their communities. You don’t always need the shine of media to promote what you do. You just do it! Looking for recognition cheapens the act.

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Personally, I’ve hated on those who I felt had no talent, yet succeeded. At first I hated because I’m human and it’s natural. After the hate quickly subsided, I looked at it from a different perspective. How many times have I achieved a goal and had people doubt me? How many people say “he doesn’t write that good (irony)” or “he only got that job because he knows people” or the ever popular “affirmative action helped get him where he is today.” It doesn’t feel good to have your merit questioned, and I can only imagine how others feel. I’m not perfect with my finances, but I do ok. I’m learning different aspects of fiscal responsibility daily and getting better. I would cringe if my finances were made public and people knew where my money went. Knowledge breeds hate at times, and that’s no evil I need on my soul Ricky Bobby!

We shouldn’t be bitter because we didn’t catch a break that “talentless celebrities” receive. Everyone has their path in life. Bitterness and contempt will only keep you at a sub-par level. Make your mark and do well for yourself. Stand and cheer when the next man or woman succeeds or better yet, just don’t hate on their accomplishments.

Why do we care about the finances of others? What obligation (or lack thereof) do those with money have to give back to the less fortunate? Is it any of our business?

Editors Note: I see that some of you want to try to ‘discredit” what I wrote concerning Lolo Jones. I re-read my article here to see if I needed further clarification. Let me be clear

1) The “Hasn’t Won Anything” should be in quotes, as to say “this is what OTHERS say about her” If that’s your disconnet, that’s on me.

2) I’m well aware of her accomplishments.

3) This doesn’t take away from the point that she is hated on and doesn’t deserve it, and gthat people should mind their own pockets. This is actually the main idea of the ENTIRE article.

Hope this helps. Can’t be any clearer.

– Streetz