Angry black woman

Nobody’s relationship is perfect. If anything, it’s perfectly imperfect. It’s hard to have an easy relationship because there are so many factors at play and trying to get two people to come together in agreement is hard work. We all know couples who have their problems; they’re always arguing or they’re always breaking up and getting back together. However, there are many relationship flaws that we never talk to anyone about no matter how much they threaten to ruin our relationship. These are our deepest darkest secrets. Here’s the top five relationship flaws that couples rarely reveal.

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1. You all are not on the same page

I’ve witnessed a woman start planning her wedding, estimating when she will get engaged, or talking to her friends about the children she and her boyfriend will have once they’re married, and thought, “Does she know he doesn’t think she’s the one?” There are so many couples out there where one is thinking that this is the one and the other is thinking that they’re about to run. The problem is for the simple minded women and blockheaded men out there, they’re too afraid to open their mouth and talk about it. I’ve witnessed this with some of my male friends. As they contemplate how much longer they’re going to wait to tell her that he doesn’t think she’s the one, she’s inviting him to every wedding, baby shower, and housewarming she can find.