sad relationship

4. You became boring versions of yourselves – one of the major relationship flaws

This one happens to the best of them. When you first met, you couldn’t keep your hands off each other. A few months in and you’re too tired to do anything. You fell in love with each other because of your spontaneity and willingness to always want to try new things, therefore, you can’t stop them once you’re in the relationship. There’s three things you can always look at in order to tell you’ve gotten boring: 1) clothes; 2) time spent; and 3) initiative taken. If you used to dress up when you guys would go on dates, but now you just throw on whatever, that’s a problem. If you no longer have any time to do anything with each other or you place other priorities before quality time, that’s a big problem. Lastly, when you lose that desire to take a proactive approach to your relationship, it’s just about over.