boredom in love

5. Instead of solving problems, you bury them

Have you ever had a huge argument and reveal a significant flaw in your relationship? However, afterwards, instead of talking about the source of the problem or seeking counseling, you thought time would heal all wounds? Yeah, that’s dumb. For example, let’s say you experience cheating in your relationship. You and yours sit down, discuss and agree that one of you is sorry and it will never happen again. Wait! Well, why did it happen in the first place? How does it make both of you feel? If you put that infidelity under the rug and walk away, best believe it will show up again one day. It doesn’t have to be cheating. People avoid their verbally abusive partner or they make allowances for selfishness; in reality, there’s tons of ways we bury or avoid problems than solve them.

I think it’s perfectly okay for couples not to reveal these flaws in their relationship to the general public or even their small circle of friends. The worst part is when you allow them to continue on in your relationship without a plan to rectify the situation.

What are your thoughts on these five flaws? Have you noticed that sometimes people tend not to share these, even with each other? What are some of yours that you have noticed either in your past relationships or flawed relationships of those in your network?

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