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As some of you know, I have my own site aside from SBM. Streetztalk is my creative writing space full of awesome randomness. I neglected it for a bit, but I’m back and I’m doing the #30in30 series. This series features 30 posts in 30 days from the writer on their site. Day 2 was on the 3 ways in which women can intimidate men. Since you are my fam, I’m going to drop some bonus reasons here! Enjoy!

As men, we have a lot of pride. We will have faith in ourselves and believe that no circumstance is too large for us to overcome. We also believe that we can win with women effortlessly. This is false, as no one is ever 100% successful with women or even 100% confident. Men can be intimidated by women for many reasons.

Your Level Of Success And Ambition

To me, there is nothing better than a goal driven woman. She knows where she wants to go in life, and how to get there. For those that already have attained that success, you exude a confidence that I admire. For men, this could give them pause. In society, men have commonly been known as the bread winners. They support the family monetarily and with all the common “man tasks”. Some men could look at a successful woman as a threat to their status quo. They may feel that success in a relationship is similar to the rules of Highlander: There can only be one. To have two successful people in a relationship may bring about a power struggle that they don’t want to see. This can also be a bit of self consciousness with men. When men approach women, they feel like no one can deter them from their goal. They have a good job, car, house, etc. No debates on their quality. Then they show interest in a woman who by all accounts is just as successful or more. That’s when they may get nervous. They may feel inadequate based off of a woman’s accomplishments, or may have reservations about dealing with a woman who makes more money than them. When men can get over themselves and see the benefits of having someone equally or more successful than you, then they will realize the error of their ways. The feelings are natural but it shouldn’t stop you from interaction with successful women.

Your Attitude

If your attitude is stuck up, conceited, or disagreeable, not only will some men be intimidated, they won’t be interested. Yes ladies, I know you place that mean mug on your face daily to avoid the 50-11 advances from the unwashed masses, but some of us are cool. Take a peek out of the corner of your eye before you reject us like Dikembe Mutombo. Ask your girls for references like we all know y’all do in the club when a man approaches you, or hops behind you for an unsolicited dance. What you transmit in non verbal communication can be reciprocated negatively as well. This not only applies to random interaction, but everywhere else. In the workplace, at the gym, at the store, where ever! Just know that you miss out on some cool gentlemen due to a bad attitude.

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SBM Nation Discuss: What ways to women intimidate men? Where does the fault lie? Any exceptions to the rule?

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