**Chillin’ all comfortably and sh*t.**

Me: I got nominated for Blogger of the Year by the African American Literary Awards Show (Q14).

Her: Yayyy! It’ll be great if you win! *pompom type action*

Me: I’m not gonna win though. Did you see the other names in my category? Do you remember how much I struggled with that last award show nomination process? I never do well with the popular vote. I know about 142.7 people I can count on. That’s my tribe. That’s it. People just don’t support me en masse when it comes to votes. They be treatin’ me like I’m Slim Romney, Michelle. They see what I say, then keep it moving. Or, they’re just not the (online) vocal types. I know my friends aren’t and they support everything.

Her: *pet name* You can win. A lot of people know who you are and support you. You don’t give ’em enough credit. And if that’s the attitude you have, that’s the result you’ll get.

Me: I’m a realist. If you gave me an hour, I could sit and write down the names (well, handles) of everybody that regularly supports me. I notice ’em and I subconsciously keep track. All my opportunities come because of my professional relationships and acknowledgment by influential people. You know? Many of which aren’t heavily engaged in the blog community and social media, but they keep tabs. It’s my gift and my curse. Popularity wise? I’m not winning. I gave up on that buttermilk biscuit a long time ago. You smell nice.

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Her: Well if you wanna look at it that way, popularity doesn’t equal quality. And these people who support you see your value and your potential to be great the same way you saw X’s potential to be great. Look at him now. You were one person that helped him when nobody knew who he was. You didn’t have to do that. That turned into one other person helping him when they didn’t know who he was. That then turned into a *insert major opportunity*. It doesn’t matter how popular you are. It’s that the right people believe in you and are willing to support you.

Me: You’re right. I guess that’s all that really matters.

Relationships have their perks.

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