Each one of these could have been an individual post here on SBM, but it’s really not worth the series. This is a quick list of eleven things I’ve learned about relationships, dating, love and all that other stuff over the years. It never became clearer to me than in the last few weeks when I was able to put these thoughts into the form of a post. Enjoy and meet me in the comment section with your thoughts.

1.  Dating absolutely sucks

What could be more exciting than meeting someone new, experiencing butterflies and embarking on a journey towards love? Um… everything. Unless you are extremely lucky, you’ll spend the first few dates with awkward conversations trying to “get to know one another.” Then there are the awkward questions from “the world.” If you ever want to see something hilarious, walk up to two people on a date and ask them, “Are you guys together?” Watch their response.

2.  Everybody is a little crazy

Everyone has it in them. Some people just do a better job than others concealing it. You know what the definition of “crazy” is in a relationship? Not the way you would do it, and also, making little to no sense to you. If you find a person, and you agree with everything they’ve ever said and all of it makes perfect sense to you, #twitpicsoIknoitsreal.