Feelings I thought that I would never have
I’m so open and I got it bad
I got you now I’ma make it last
She says my baby she can’t wait to have
Love in the air, never been so clear
So beautiful, bring your body here
Let me fall into good love
I wanna hear the lovely sound
Let me take my time while we in this bed
You were made for me and I don’t wanna share

Ladies, you bare some responsibility too. I wish I could say there is a completely different set of rules for women to follow but there isn’t. What I’ve outlined for the men applies just as much for women; perhaps even more so given the additional risks and burdens. If you bargain for a relationship using your body, then don’t be surprised if a man values the pursuit of your body over the pursuit of a relationship. On the other hand, if your self-proclaimed independence is more significant to you than the humbling acceptance that you actually desire co-dependence – and one-night stands and simple conquest with equally simple-minded men is your thing, do you, prosper, and flourish, homegirl.

However, many women expect men to apologize for their behavior, which usually involves them doing something as crazy as treating you like an adult. It’s true, many men are guilty of enabling your decisions to their benefit, but let’s not pretend like they aren’t your decisions that are being enabled. As this only 22-year old realized here, if you need to grow as a person independent from men, sex, and relationships, then do so. In the meantime, don’t expect men to cater to you as an individual, because most men will assume, as an intelligently functional adult, you can make uniquely tailored decisions that you belive are best for the life you wish to live. That is what adults do. Now if he can’t respect your decisions, then let him walk until one of two things happen: 1) you are perfectly capable of standing on your own, when necessary; or 2) the right man, not just a good man, comes along.

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Both sexes are guilty of settling for the Love we think we deserve. What I like about the video is that it does show (since Love is pregnant in the end) that sex can and should be a part of a healthy relationship. The key word here being “relationship.” One of the key differences I noticed as Trey rotated through women on the left, is he proactively worked to make the relationship work on the right. They both did, because they were both vested in the success of the final outcome. On the left, only one person was consistently vested, in this case the woman, and you’ll notice those “relationships” didn’t have as happy an ending. Yes, it takes two to tango – but this theory should extend beyond the bedroom. It takes the same amount of people to sustain a successful relationship. Of course many of you will verbally proclaim that sex ain’t better than Love, yet your everyday actions blatantly contradict your own words, because in the theme of the song, if you really agree that sex ain’t better than Love, then why do so many of you settle for sex without Love?

I been out here in these streets and I done learned that
I done seen it all, done done it all
So much better when you fall
Girl you’ve been my teacher and I’ve learned that
Sex ain’t better than love