What’s up everyone? Hope you’re having a healthy day.

Recently, I’ve been seeing way too many debates and quarrels between folks about who is more physically fit than the next person. So I decided to put together a full scale assessment, a #BeTheBetter meter, an elementary school flag day (Oh how I miss those – you get the point) to end all the quarrels between you and your friend/foe about who is “better.” This scale also works to grade/guide yourself, spark some motivation and goal driving effort!!

Enjoy, and remember numbers don’t lie.

#1 The Push-up

Your first exercise is the PUSH-UP. Assume the full push-up position (yes ladies you to, none of that kneeling stuff) and begin one complete set to failure. For a rep to count your chest should be no more than 3 inches off the floor at its lowest point and elbows should be fully extended at the top. See where your total falls and jot down your score.

Men: 1-19 (1pt) 20- 30 (2pts) 31-40 (3pts) 41-50 ( 4pts) 50+ (5pts)

Women: 1-8 (1pt) 9-14 (2pts) 15-20 (3pts) 21-25 (4pts) 25+ (5pts) 

#2 The Pull-up

Yes, full body weight pull-ups to failure, no assistance. At the top of the pull your chest should be parallel to your hands and at the bottom your elbows should be fully extended. (Random rant: idk who taught some of you those half-ass pullups, EXTEND YOUR ARMS!)

Men: 1-8 (1pt) 9-14 (2pts) 15-20 (3pts) 20+ (5 pts) 

Women: 1-3 (1pt) 4-7 (2pts) 8-11 (3pts) 12+ (5pts) 

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#3 Barbell Bench Press

Don’t be that guy…

Great test of strength but fellas this is not the end all be all to being fit. Almost every “fit” guy I meet asks me how much do I bench. After my -___- face, My answer: Less than I Deadlift. Hopefully my response matches yours as well. If not #Bethe…never mind. For this test 5 full repetitions determine your slot.

Men & Women:

1/2 body weight (1 pt)
Body weight (2 pts)
1.5x your body weight (3 pts) 

#4 The Plank

When you talk about core strength the deciding factor is not how many back straining, long term back brace prepping sit-ups you can do. It’s the plank! One set till failure determines your slot (The Plank – Example Video).

Men & Women:

0 – 20seconds (1pt)

21 – 45seconds (2pts)

46 – 60seconds (3pts)

60+ seconds (5pts)

#5 The Squat

“Friends don’t let friends forget leg day.” cc: my workout partner Mels. Too many “fit” people arguing with “fit” people who don’t train their lower body remotely as much as they train their upper body. Like K-Hart said, don’t be walking around here looking like you tip drilling because your lower body is too small to support your upper body. Again 5 full repetitions determine your slot.

Men & Women:

1/2 body weight fair (1pt)
Body weight Good (3pts)
1.5x body weight Better (5pts)

#6 The Deadlift

(My Favorite exercise on the planet) — copy and paste my Squat rant here as well! 5 full repetitions determine your slot here as well.

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Men & Women:

1/2 body weight (1pt)
body weight  (3pts)
1.5x body weight (5pts)

#7 The 5 mile walk/jog/run

(depending on your fitness level)

Endurance is relevant when discussing how “fit” you are and I dont mean “I run a 8 minute mile” when you’re only running 1-2 miles at a time! I mean Endurance. *Disclaimer:please don’t go try and bust out 5miles if you haven’t ran in months, you will hurt yourself. Start running gradually (start at a smooth paced 3 miles) and come back to this assessment in a couple weeks.*

Men & Women:

> 90 mins (1pt)
75-90 mins (2 pts)
60-75 mins (5pts)
< 60mins (7pts)

#8 Stretching & flexibility

Oh so you thought it’s ok to walk with your hands out to your sides because you’re so diez. -_-
Put your arms straight down and if you can’t either you look like this guy…

…or you have a serious flexibility issue. Here’s a basic stretch assessment for your lower body. Stand tall legs totally straight the entire time and touch your toes. Simple yet DEADLY for many people. Try and keep your fingers/hands on your toes for 60seconds if your knees bend, start over. This grade is either a yes or no.

Men & Women:

Standing Straight Leg Toe Touch (5pts)
Can’t Touch toes- (1pt)

Last but not least…

#9 Your Body Fat Percentage!

No, not the weight you see when you step on the scale. I’ve seen plenty of skinny-fat folks. Yes, skinny-fat (oxymoron and all) and no I won’t give an example so you all can call me insensitive.

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No, I’m not talking about BMI (Body mass index) either. You know the index that says most of the LEANEST athletes pro and amateur are “overweight”. Don’t know why that index still exists.

I’m talking about skinfold caliper measured body fat %. This will make or break any conversation you have with someone about how fit they are. Nobody can knock someone with a low body fat percentage! If you dont know yours, have a fitness professional assess your body fat! (Yes, I can do it for you. — shoot me an email at info@barringtonbfit.com and we’ll set it up — Midtown NYC/$25)


30%+ -_- (0pts)
20-30% (1pt)
10%-20% (5pts)
less than 10% (10pts)


25%+ (1pt)
21-25% (3 pts)
15-20% (5 pts)
12-15% (10pts)

Tally your score! See where you stand and #BeTheBetter!!!!!


#BeThePoor: 0 – 10pts

#BeTheFair: 11 – 20pts

#BeTheGood: 21 – 44pts

#BeTheBETTER: 45 – 50pts

Post your scores and keep me posted on your progress!

Trainer Tip: If you decide on testing all of these exercises on the same day make sure you do the Body Fat % FIRST, the 5 mile run at number 8 and the stretch last. As always, I welcome any fitness questions or topics you want addressed in the comments or in future posts.

– Barrington B aka Mr. Be The Better™